Gifts for Homestead Kids: Farm Kid Gift Guide

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Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

Homestead kids find joy in many things that you wouldn’t typically associate with Easter, Christmas, or birthday gifts. They tend to love gifts that they can use for real-life activities. They want to be involved in the farm chores that they see mom and dad do so why not give them a gift that reflects that desire. Here are some of my favorite practical gift ideas for homestead kids.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

1. Mud Boots

These are a must have for homestead kids! Mud boots keep feet dry and they are easy to clean. You could even use new mud boots to hold goodies instead of an Easter basket or stockings (depending on which holiday you are reading this post for)!

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

2. Gardening Tools

My kids LOVE to help in the garden so I like to give them their own set of tools to use. Sometimes they also use garden & yard tools to simplify their jobs like my son is doing in this photo. He had just pulled weeds in our landscaping and he decided to use a rake to remove the weeds from the bed instead of picking each one up by hand. This garden tool set is great for little hands and this set is perfect for bigger kids.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

3. Seeds

Gift a pack or two of seeds to your little ones so they can plant their own flowers, fruits, or veggies. I recommend purchasing from Seeds for Generations, a family owned seed company that won’t let you down.

4. Garden/Work Gloves

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

Your kids have their garden tools and seeds, and now they need their very own set of gloves to protect their little hands while in the garden. A pair of gloves is a practical and inexpensive gift for homestead kids. 

5. Melissa & Doug Cleaning Supplies

Homemaking is a large part of homesteading. This set of cleaning supplies is a favorite for our kiddos and it allows the kids to actually clean instead of just pretending. Our kids LOVE to clean and I want them to know how to care for our home so this is perfect.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

6. Recipe Book & Cooking Supplies

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

Preserving & preparing food from scratch is a huge component of homestead living. Gift your little ones with an aproon, a cook book, or child-sized kitchen tools so they can work alongside you in the kitchen.

7. Ride-On Toys

Our kids love to go on adventures around the farm. Sometimes they walk, but usually they take their bicycles or their Powerwheels truck. The bikes promotes exercise and the Powerwheels truck boosts their imagination and their sense of independence.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

8. Tools

Okay so we  haven’t purchased power tools for our littles despite what this photo would have you believe. I just couldn’t help but share her little face here 🙂

Our youngest kids have child sized screw drivers, an Allen Wrench, a hammer, and other age-appropriate tools. You can even make a screw, nut, & bolt board for them to practice on. Our oldest son is learning to use power tools now, but he just uses ours because they are expensive. 

>>Check out this tool set as a gift for homestead kids. <<

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

9. Animals

Please be responsible with this one, y’all. If you are equipped to raise animals (have the land, resources, and time) then this is a good option. Just don’t buy a bunny for your toddler only to resell it or, even worse, turn it loose when the new wears off. Raising animals can give your kiddos a sense of pride as well as teach them responsibility & care for living creatures. You can see our youngest daughter with her duck & bunnies, our son with the chickens, and our middle daughter with the goats in these photos.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids
Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids
Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids
Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids


10. Fishing Rods & Lures

When I was a kid, my favorite pastime was fishing with my parents… I even wrote a song about it in high school! There is something relaxing about sitting by the water and it is thrilling as a child to see your bobber dip under the water. Our son received a fishing themed basket one year and it is his favorite one to date! Throw a fishing rod, bobbers, and lures into their basket or stocking this year for a fun & practical gift they will love!

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

11. Schleich Farm Animals

We buy Schleich Farm Animals at our local farm store. They are super durable & kids play with these for hours! We also use them when we do livestock unit studies in our homeschool. They make a perfect practical gift for kids who love animals!

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

12. Buckets

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

So buckets aren’t typically what you think of when you are trying to pick a toy for your kids, but they are free and kids apparently LOVE them! Our girls filled buckets with water and climbed right in while we were feeding one day. Now they try to do this almost every time we are outside! You might even want to use a bucket instead of a basket for Easter this year!

13. Pocket Knife

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

Knowing how to properly use a Pocket Knife is a good skill for a homestead kid to have. We use pocket knives every day around here so we want our kids to be familiar with them. You know your child and if he or she is ready for the responsibility of a knife or not so use your discretion with this gift.

14. Hats

A great gift for homestead kids is a hat. Hats help to protect their little faces & necks from the sun that they are undoubtedly exposed to all year long.

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

15. Farm Clothes

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

Overalls, bibs, boots, jeans, and t-shirts are perfect play clothes for kids on the homestead. Throw a few of these in with their gifts this year. You may think they won’t be happy to receive clothes, but you might just be surprised 🙂

16. Books

My kids LOVE farm-themed books! Some of our favorites are:

Practical Gifts for Homestead Kids

17. An Encouraging Print

Give your kids a little piece of encouragement to hang on their walls. You can grab this print in my Etsy shop!


What are your favorite gifts for homestead kids??

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  1. Mud boots all the way! And if you want to make them extra special pick up a pair that lights up. Another great idea is a wagon. Farm kids always have something to put in a wagon and cart around. We recently bought our daughter a wagon and when we’re not pulling her, she likes to trek her buckets and tools around in it.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas. My daughter already has a small fishing rod and she is now passionate angler. Now I will buy her gardening tools and I hope she will find it fun.

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