35 Week Pregnancy Update: Baby #3

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35 Week Pregnancy Update: Baby #3 | Faithful Farmwife

My 35 Week Pregnancy Update!

What I’m Up To 35 Weeks Into Pregnancy

Just stopping in today to give you a little update of my pregnancy thus far with baby #3!

35 Week Pregnancy Update

Nesting Prep

Only 5 weeks left and I have just started prepping! I feel so behind, but this baby is coming within 5 weeks whether I am ready or not.

To help kick me into gear, I made a set of Nesting Checklists because I can’t do anything without a list to checkoff. I have been slowly working through that and trying not to overwhelm myself.

Since this is my 3rd child I already have most of the large baby items so I have been focusing on a stockup of diapers, wipes, and household items as well as decluttering and deep cleaning my house.

Appointments & Ultrasounds

35 weeks into pregnancy, my doctor appointments have now moved from once/month to every 2 weeks. I have one ultrasound every month due to a high risk issue so I have been able to see my second little girl much more often than I would in a non-high risk pregnancy. This week I will have my 36 week scan to check her weight and position…so exciting! 🙂

How I’m Feeling

I have been feeling great up until the last 3 weeks. Tummy aches, leg cramps, and general yuckiness seem to be the norm for me at this point. My Braxton Hicks Contractions have picked up a lot. They get pretty consistent and intense due to my irritable uterus and that is no fun. Some days I feel like I am in early labor, but after a warm bubble bath everything calms down a bit. I was on bedrest starting at 31 weeks during my last pregnancy because of the contractions. I am doing all that I can to avoid that this time.

What Baby is Up To

The Ovia pregnancy app says that Baby Q3 is now the size of a Savoy Cabbage. I have also heard that the baby’s size could be compared to a coconut…or a jumbo bag of chips for those who relate to junk food a little better 😉

Fun stuff 35 weeks into pregnancy–> This child has hiccups all.the.time! Between the hiccups and the jabs from her little elbows and knees, my belly is taking a beating.

She is also in the head down position now. My midwife said that this baby has definitely “been reading the manual” because she is doing everything that she is supposed to in order to prep for delivery.

The next update will be a full-term update and I can’t wait!! Hopefully by then we will have a name picked out :/ Leave name suggestions in the comments!


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  1. I’m praying blessings upon your labor and delivery! Baby only really needs one thing when she arrives – your love!

  2. SO exciting! I love when you get to that phase when you are nesting and want to get everything ready! I always get so much more done in the end of my pregnancies, ha! I am 18 week now with my 6th! I am feeling really good just tired. We’ll find out in a few weeks what we are having. I love the name Tirzah but my husband doesn’t so you are welcome to it;) Love your blog and your theme, being faithful is my heart’s cry also! Linking up with you at #womenwithintention 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! We really like Biblical names as well! My son wants us to name the baby Hannah. We are thinking of doing something to honor my mom and my husband’s mom though so we will see. 🙂

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