Gift Guide: 19 Practical Gifts for Homemakers

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Gift Guide: 19 Practical Gifts for Homemakers | Faithful Farmwife

This list is full of the best practical gifts for homemakers so you can buy what he or she really wants.

The Homemaker’s Gift Guide: Practical Gifts for Moms

Are you struggling to choose a gift for a mom/homemaker in your life? Or maybe you are a homemaker and you are making your own wish list?

Use this list of the best gifts for homemakers to help you out this holiday season!

19 Gifts for Homemakers

 1. Roomba Robot Vacuum

My husband purchased a Roomba as a gift for me a couple of years ago and I LOVE it! I have a central vacuum for deep cleaning days, but the Roomba is a life saver when it comes to daily cleanup.

 2. Braava Jet Robot Mop

The Braava Jet is at the top of my Christmas list this year! It is the mop version of the Roomba. What mom doesn’t want to drop the chore of mopping every day??

 3. Libman Wonder Mop

This is the mop that I currently use. I will continue to use it for deeper cleaning jobs even if I receive a Braava. The head of the Libman Wonder Mop is replaceable and it can be tossed in the washing machine.

 4. Chain Mail Skillet Scrubber

This is a little gem that I discovered earlier in the year. A chain mail scrubber is PERFECT for cleaning cast iron skillets and most other dishes. It doesn’t hold onto bacteria the way that a sponge or a brush would and it lasts much longer than either of those scrubbing options.

 5. Amazon Gift Card

**This is the most stress-free option of these gifts for homemakers!

If you don’t know what the homemaker in your life really needs, grab her a gift card! This way she can get exactly what she wants or needs without having to take a chunk out of her bank account.

 6. Home Decor Store Gift Card

Many moms spend their money purchasing things for other people in her life instead of herself. A home decor store gift card is the perfect way to allow her to treat herself to something pretty for her home.

 7. Freezer Meals

This one is the most practical out of this list of gifts moms, but as a mother and a homemaker I can tell you that it would be very much appreciated! Find a few good freezer meal recipes, prepare them in disposable pans and deliver them to her to take a little load off of her overfilled plate.

 8. $5 Meal Plan Subscription

Creating meal plans and grocery lists for a family takes more time than you might think. Gifting a meal planning subscription is a great idea for a mom who might not need more material items or who is just plain busy. $5 Meal Plans is my favorite planning service.

I use them for weekly family friendly, affordable, and simple meal plans that come with a pre-written grocery list. This service is only $5/month! I haven’t found another meal planning service that beats the quality and value of this one.

 9. Candles, Scented Wax Warmer, or Essential Oil Diffuser

If you need a sure-fire winner out of this list of gifts for moms, this is it.

Making a home smell nice with a slew of children running around is a tough job. Gift the mom in your life with a little scented help. Give her a wax warmer with a brick of wax melts, some yummy smelling candles, or an essential oil diffuser with an aromatic blend of essential oils.

10. Coffee Maker

Most moms rely on a steady coffee supply to make it through the day. The right coffee maker can really make a big difference in a mom’s morning routine. I use the Ninja Coffee Bar. Mamas can set a delay brew time at night so the coffee will brew in the morning before they even step foot in the kitchen. It also has multiple brew settings so she can make regular black coffee or a fancy spruced up coffee at the push of a button.

 11. A Nice Planner

A good planner makes a world of difference in the life of a busy mama. I like to use a Plum Paper Planner, but these are excellent & affordable planners as well.

 12. Bath & Body Products

Giving a mom a little extra lux for her “me-time” is always a good idea! Choose from bath bombs, bubble bath, perfume, lotion, body scrubs, or a gift basket to help her feel good about herself.

 13. Essential Oils

Give her some quality essential oils for diffusing, using in cleaning products, etc.

 14. Instant Pot

I haven’t been able to try the Instant Pot for myself yet, but I have heard so many good things about it from other mamas that I just had to include it in this list of gifts for homemakers!

 15. High Quality Blender

A quality blender makes preparing healthy meals and snacks for a family much simpler. Mom can blend fruits for smoothies, veggies for soups, and she can even shred cooked chicken with a good blender!

 16. Cast Iron Pans

I have replaced all of my skillets (except for one pancake griddle) with cast iron. Iron skillets can be used on the stove, in the oven, or over an open fire.

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 17. Women’s Study Bible

Staying in The Word is essential for a busy Christian mother. Give her a study Bible that includes notes & commentary that relate directly to her life.

 18. Kitchen Aid Mixer

I have been wanting this bad boy for years, but we just haven’t had the room in the kitchen or the budget just yet. I cannot wait to squeeze it in as it will make our from-scratch kitchen so much more efficient! If the mom/homemaker in your life loves to cook & bake from scratch, then I highly recommend the Kitchen Aid!

 19. Inspirational Books for Moms

Sometimes a mom just needs to hear (or read) a positive word from another mama who has been in her shoes. Here are some amazing inspirational books for moms that I recommend:

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  1. Oh, yes! Robotic vacuum is the best helper. Actually, I read an article yesterday where the author suggested a vacuum cleaner as one of the worst gifts. It got me so mad 😀 I think it’s a great gift if you give it to someone who needs help at home or is just too busy to clean every day.
    I got mine robot vacuum about a year ago, and it made my life so much easier that I can’t live without it anymore 😀

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