9 of The Best Kids Garden Tools

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My kids LOVE being in the garden with me. I think they love it so much because we strive to make gardening a fun activity instead of a necessary chore for them. I also do my best to include them and make them feel like an important part of the gardening process.

Why Should You Have Kids in the Garden?

If you have children and you have a garden, then I highly encourage you to include those little ones in your gardening activities because gardening has AMAZING benefits for kids. They can gain multiple new skills and learn to find beauty in the smallest details that they may otherwise overlook.

Choosing Kids’ Gardening Tools

In order for your kids to really be involved in the gardening process, they will need their own garden tools. Older kids can share your tools, but younger kids with smaller hands would benefit from having quality tools in their own size.

When choosing your kids’ garden tools, be sure to pick tools that are functional, well-made, and sustainable. You don’t want to purchase “toy” tools that will break when the kids try to do actual work in the garden.

Pick tools that will last multiple years. This will save you money and time in the long run and it is much more earth-friendly than purchasing a new cheap set each year.

The Best Gardening Tools for Kids

I have put together a little list of my nine favorite quality kids’ gardening tool and supplies that I hope will give you some inspiration and encouragement to get them out there with you!

#1 Kid Sized Garden Gloves

Give your kiddos a their own kid-sized garden gloves. This will help them keep their little hands clean and help them to feel like a valid part of the gardening process. If mommy has gloves, they will want them as well. My two year old steals my gloves every single time if I don’t put his own gloves on him.

I purchased my kids’ garden gloves from my local Rural King, but you can find lots of different options on Amazon as well.

Boy holding kids' garden gloves

#2 Handheld Garden Rake

Your kiddos can use a handheld garden rake for weeding, cleaning up fallen leaves, and for loosening soil. This garden rake from Berry + Bird is well made and just the right size for the little ones!

The Green Toys Gardening Set (you’ll hear more about this awesome little set later) also has a quality rake that my toddler loves to use!

hand held garden rake. wooden handle and metal tines

#3 Garden Trowel

My FAVORITE kids’ garden trowel comes in a set from Green Toys. It is one solid piece of 100% recycled plastic. It is strong, functional, and sustainable. My 2 year old uses this tool almost daily in the garden and just digging in the yard. This little tool will last for years as long as we don’t misplace it.

boy scooping soil into a red bucket using a yellow trowel | Kids Garden Tools

#4 Watering Can

The best kids’ watering can that I have found also comes in the Green Toys garden tool set. It is the perfect size for little hands and it is so well-made that it can be used year after year by multiple kiddos. I actually use this watering can as well when I water my container plants.

boy watering plants with a green and yellow watering can | Kids Garden Tools


Kids' Garden Journal

#5 Garden Cultivator

This small handheld Berry + Bird garden cultivator will help children to dig and loosen soil more before planting. It also works great for weeding! The rake tool in the Green Toys set works as a cultivator as well.

Garden cultivator with wooden handle and metal tines

#6 Garden Kneeling Pad

If your kids will be in the garden with you often, get them their own garden kneeling pads. I like these kneeling pads because they are functional, affordable, and made of a recyclable material.

#7 Garden Wheelbarrow or Wagon

Kids can use a garden wheelbarrow or a wagon to carry plants, soil, tools, leaves, and anything else that they need to move into or out of the garden. This little green wheelbarrow works great for the kiddos! If you prefer a wagon, the Radio Flyer wagon is perfect for garden work!

boy shoveling leaves into a green wheelbarrow | Kids Garden Tools

#8 Montessori Gardening Kit

This Montessori gardening kit from U+Me is 100% plastic free and come in zero waste packaging…Not to mention how cute it is! It comes with a hand held shovel, a trowel, a rake/cultivator, a watering can, 5 wooden plant markers, 5 peat seed starting pots, and a fabric tool bag!

U+M Montessori tool set wit grey watering can, wooden plant markers, shovel, trowel, seed pots, cultivator, and carrying bag | Kids Garden Tools

#9 Kids’ Seed Starting Pots

These kids’ seed starting pots from Green Toys are so good for kids who want to have their own garden! The seed starting set comes with a trowel, three pots, a pea pod shaped drainage tray, three soil discs, and three packs of seeds (zinnia, basil, or sunflower)!

Green Toys makes their products from recycled milk jugs and they come in compostable packaging.

Three yellow seed starting pots on a green tray. There is an orange trowel, three seed packs, and three soil discs in front.

Why I LOVE the Green Toys Kids’ Garden Tool Set

It is no accident that I have mentioned Green Toys several times throughout this post.

Our family has gone through many different kid sized gardening tools over the years, but this Green Toys Garden Tool Set is BY FAR the best we have ever used!

Green Toys watering can, trowel with soil on it, and a cultivator | Kids Garden Tools

This set comes with a watering can, a trowel, and a rake/cultivator tool. Each piece in this set is extremely well-made. The trowel and cultivator tools are single pieces so they won’t snap apart with heavy use like other kids’ garden tools. The watering can is the PERFECT size for little hands and I use it to water my herbs as well!

Green Toys is a US based business that makes all of their toys from 100% recycled material (mostly old milk jugs). The toys and tools they maket are dishwasher safe and the packaging is completely compostable. In fact, the packaging for this kids’ garden tool set is actually being used right now as bedding in my worm compost bin! How cool is that??

>>You can read more about the Green Toys Garden Tool Set here!<<

More Ideas for Gardening with Kids

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  1. So, so happy you did this page talking about the Green Toys gardening tools for kids. It was just what I was looking for when I was searching for gardening tools for my grand daughter!!! All the “best gardening tools for kids” lists on the internet were only compiled from reviews or something like that. But you really used the tools and know that they are durable!! Thank you so much!!!

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