You have tried to bring your kids into the garden space with you before, but you just couldn’t keep them interested or focused. Maybe you felt frustrated and a little impatient with them.

I know that frustration, mama, because I have been there too!

I used to be pretty short-fused when my kiddos would “work” outside with me because I sort of felt like my space was being invaded. My focus was divided between my garden tasks and keeping my children from undoing all of my efforts.

And, friend, that made me feel pretty low because I want my children to see gardening as a joy and a passion. Not something that is forced and frustrating.

That’s why I made The Kids’ Garden Journal!

The Kids’ Garden Journal

The Kids’ Garden Journal is the perfect tool for getting your kiddos excited about gardening! They can keep their own garden records and color on three different garden related coloring sheets!

This garden journal will help children:

  • learn about germination
  • understand plant growth
  • realize the importance of water and sunlight
  • and recognize that different plants have different needs.
  • feel a sense of ownership in the family garden

The Kids’ Garden Journal includes the following:

*This product is PDF only.


Planting Cards

Kids can use these planting cards to keep track of each individual plant name, variety, planting date, sprout date, and sun + water needs.


Water Log

This sheet will encourage your kids to water their plants each day. Every day that they water the garden, they get to fill in on block on the chart.


Growth Tracker

Your kids can use this growth tracker to record the growth of each plant every two days for about a month after they sprout.


Draw Your Plants

Kids can use this sheet to draw what their plants look like at any stage of growth. simply reprint the page so they can draw multiple times.


Garden Grid

Let your kids use this sheet to plan the layout of their garden. They can even create their garden grid as you make yours with The Homestead Garden Planner!


Garden Notes

Use this sheet to let your kids jot down any extra thoughts that they have about their garden as it grows.


Garden Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun little sheet to help your kids explore the garden. Let them search around for each item on the list and mark them off as they go.


Garden Coloring Sheets

The Kids’ Garden Journal is closed out with three garden coloring sheets.
1. Seeds + Sprouts
2. Garden Tools
3. Garden Supplies


Do you take custom requests?

Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

Can I purchase a hard copy of this planner?

Currently, no… But I am working on some possible solutions for that 🙂

How do I use this planner?

All you need to do is print out the sheets (one-sided OR front-and-back), hole punch them (or use sheet protectors), and tie them together! You can even laminate the sheets and use a dry erase marker if you wish.

Don’t let another gardening season go by without getting your kiddos involved!

Start their gardening journey right now with The Kids’ Garden Journal!

Make your kiddos feel included in the gardening process!


Who am I to talk to you about gardening with kids?

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I was once an impatient gardening mama who tried to keep her kids away from the garden at all costs.

I didn’t introduce them to planting and growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers because I didn’t think they would be interested AND I was worried that “my space” would become a mess.

When I took a step back and remembered WHY I garden in the first place, I decided that my kids NEED to be out there with me!

I started easing them into garden tasks by simply letting them help water or letting them explore the garden while I worked.

After a while, I wanted to get them more involved so that they could really grasp what gardening is all about. I then made this Kids’ Garden Journal to give them a sense of ownership in the garden.

If you want to see more of my knowledge and experience on gardening with kids, check these out:

A Little Recap…

The Kids’ Garden Journal is PERFECT for the gardening parent or grandparent who wants to get their kiddos involved in gardening!

For only $7 you can get the entire Kids’ Garden Journal which includes:

  • Garden Planting Cards
  • Growth Tracker
  • Water Log
  • Garden Planning Grid
  • Garden Notes
  • Garden Scavenger Hunt
  • Draw Your Plants
  • AND 3 Garden Coloring Sheets

What are you waiting for?

Grab The Kids’ Garden Journal to get your kiddos feeling like an important part of your family’s garden!

*Do not duplicate or resell.

*This product is PDF only.

*Refunds cannot be issued for digital products.

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