You can find me nursing babies, making butter, and chasing chickens at any given time.

I am a first-generation homesteader and the mama of 5 sweet & wild kiddos.

Around here we strive to be resourceful and intentional stewards of everything we have been blessed with. My mission here at Mama on the Homestead is to help women like you build a homestead from the ground up while raising faithful, sustainable, and simple-life-loving families!

No matter where you live or how many babes you are raising, you can be a homesteader and I’m here to show you how!

I have dreamed of having my own homestead since high school! Feeding my family and my community with food that I grow and raise is the passion that I have been given and I embrace it fully!

I am a first generation homesteader. That means that my family did not have a farm or a homestead for me to inherit. Everything that I have has been started from scratch.

My homestead began in 2013 after I graduated college. I built a small homestead raising dairy goats, honeybees, pastured pigs, and growing produce in a one acre garden. That homestead has changed multiple times along with life changes like job transfers, babies being born, and the ending of a marriage. You can read more of my story here!

Over the years I have had many people tell me that my dreams are silly and that I will never accomplish them.

I want to show other women, through my experiences, that they CAN start homesteading no matter where they are in life!

Married or single, first-generation or fifth, lots of kids or no kids, on a farm or in an apartment…

I help women take steps to accomplish their homestead goals through courses, planners, how-to guides, and my online Facebook community.

I believe that homesteading is a spectrum that ranges from a windowsill garden in an apartment all the way to an off-grid hand-built home sitting on multiple acres…

Decide where you fall on that spectrum and get to it!

Ready to Get Started??

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The MOH Member Resource Library

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The Starting a Homestead from Scratch E-book

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