50+ Practical Homestead Mom Gift Ideas

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Most homesteading moms have wish lists that are a little bit different from moms who don’t dream about chickens and tomatoes. I put together a list of homestead mom gift ideas that are at the top of my wish list. 

I am sure that the homesteading female in your life (mom or not) has at least one of these on her list as well!

Practical Homestead Mom Gift Ideas

These homestead mom gift ideas are great options for Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or Christmas gifts!

Homestead Mom Gift Ideas: For the Home

1. KitchenAid Mixer

This stand mixer is a staple for homestead kitchens. KitchenAid offers attachments that allow you to make pasta, ice cream, and sausage, dice & chop, core & slice, you can even grind your own flour with the grain mill attachment! Mom is sure to love it!!

a happy homestead mom with a kitchenaid mixer

2. Cast Iron

Give a practical gift that will last a lifetime…cast iron cookware! Mama can cook just about anything in these pans & she can pass them on to her kids and grandkids.

Blueberry Cobbler in a Cast Iron Skillet | Mama on the Homestead

3. Canning Supplies

Preserving food by canning is a huge part of homesteading. Give mom a new hot water bath canner, pressure canner, or jars & other supplies to help stock her pantry this year! You can even gift a heavy-duty outdoor camp stove for canning!

Hot water bath canning supplies | Gift ideas for homestead moms | Mama on the Homestead

4. Real Clean Salt 

Redmond Real Salt can be used for ALL of the homestead processes that require salt… this includes cooking, canning, pickling, and just about everything else! I buy this salt in 10 lb bulk buckets!! That’s how good it is!

Redmond Real Salt in a bucket and a mason jar

5. Plants

Many homesteading women love plants of all varieties… house plants, vegetable transplants, herbs, flowers for the porch, fresh cut flowers, and you can never go wrong with succulents!

6. Essential Oils

We use these in ev-er-y-thing! Essential oils are used for cleaning supplies, air fresheners, laundry, natural remedies, and in the barn! If you don’t know which oils to give mom, I suggest one of the Mountain Rose Herb oil kits start. 🙂

Essential Oil Kit as a homestead mom gift idea
Natural Living

7. Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is the perfect homesteading mom gift! She can make jerky, fruit leather, dried herbs, yogurt, and so much more with this gift! 

8. Stoneware Crock

Gift mom a stoneware crock for fermenting foods and holding sourdough starter! 

9. Compostable Phone Case

Pela phone cases are made from plant material and they are 100% compostable! When the case has reached the end of its life, it can be tossed in the compost pile and it will become a part of the homestead garden!

Black Pela Phone Case on top of a compost pile

10. Water Filtration System

Berkey water filtration systems are amazing for ensuring healthy and clean water for your family! They make multiple-size systems as well as travel/sports bottle options.

Royal Berkey water filtration system

11. Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls

Greenfield Alpaca Farms has my favorite alpaca wool dryer balls! If they are currently out on the site, check these out.

12. Natural and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

I make most of my household cleaning supplies in order to avoid toxic ingredients and save a little money. I get all of my cleaning tools from Grove Collaborative and my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. Grove has a great customizable subscription system and you can usually snag a quality free gift on each order! 

13. Kombucha Starter Kit

Farmhouse Teas carries an awesome Kombucha starter kit for people who want to get started brewing their own kombucha at home. This starter kit includes a live scoby, a black tea blend, unbleached tea bags, a strainer, unbleached cane sugar, and detailed instructions for homemade kombucha.

Kombucha starter kit from Farmhouse Teas as a gift for homestead moms

14. Swing Top Glass Bottles

Swing-top glass bottles can be used to store brewed kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and other homemade drinks and ferments.

Pouring apple cider vinegar into a swing top bottle

15. Sourdough Starter

Gift a homestead mom a sourdough starter from Cultures for Health so she can make an unlimited amount of her own sourdough bread! You could also make a sourdough starter for her from scratch.

>>Homemaker’s Gift Guide: 19 Gift Ideas for Moms<<

16. Proofing Basket

A proofing basket is a sourdough bread-making essential. Mom can use this basket when making her sourdough bread for the family!

17. Bench Knife

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful wooden bench knife from Pioneering Today! There are also stainless steel options like this one.

18. Kitchen Compost Pail

This kitchen compost pail can be used to store compost materials until you have the opportunity to take it to the outdoor compost bin. I keep mine in the refrigerator to keep the bugs and smell down (pretty much non-existent).

Compost Pail in fridge

19. Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh produce bags can be used to gather produce on the homestead, from the farmers’ market, and from the grocery store. They can also be used to hold produce in the pantry. This will help to reduce plastic bag use and provide storage options at home.

20. Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is a good option for homesteaders who process their own meat or need to store food long-term. There are even vacuum sealers that will seal mason jars for you!

21. Solar Panels

Gifting a solar panel setup would be an incredible way to show your homestead mom that you appreciate her values and the hard work that she puts into the lifestyle that she loves!

Homestead Mom Gift Ideas: For the Farm

22. Waterproof Boots

Muck: Muck boots are tried & tested heavy-duty waterproof boots! This brand has boots for all seasons.

Sloggers: These things are so stinkin’ cute! If chickens aren’t your thing, then you can get Sloggers in tons of other prints! They have tall boots and ankle shoes for all-year comfort and use!

Sloggers as a homestead mom gift

23. New Garden Tools + tools for the kids

Homestead moms are always up for new gardening supplies! Grab a pair of cute garden gloves for her or maybe a full gardening tool kit! If she has small children, you can get kid-sized garden tools so they can garden with her.

Boy with garden tools

24. Garden Hod

Homestead moms who have gardens need an efficient way to carry the bounty as they harvest. Gift this garden hod for her to use as a harvest basket for her veggies!

25. Chickens

Just trust me on this one. Murray McMurray Hatchery is the place to go for chicks!

Happy homestead mom with her chickens in a DIY chicken tractor

26. Homestead Apparel

Give her a homestead-themed t-shirt like this Mason Jar Tee or something from the Mama on the Homestead apparel line! Also, look through the homestead apparel shop for other workwear that she may appreciate!

Homestead mama apparel plus a rabbit
"Everything tastes better out of a mason jar" t-shirt

27. Sun Oven

Mom can save a bunch on her electricity bill by cooking with the All-American Sun Oven! She can cook, dehydrate food, and even purify water in this! It is very simple to use and requires only the power of the sun.

All American Sun Oven | Homestead mom Gifts | Mama on the Homestead

28. A Good Knife

A quality multi-use pocket knife is a homesteading essential! I LOVE this tactical knife that has a rope/seatbelt cutter, flashlight, glass breaker, and more!

Image of a tactical pocket knife | Homestead mom Gifts | Mama on the Homestead

29. Gift Card to Local Farm + Feed Store

Homestead moms can always use items from the local farm + feed store (Co-op, Tractor Supply, Rural King, etc.). Grab her a gift card so she can get exactly what she needs!

30. Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are such a fun addition to the homestead! If the homestead mom in your life has space to plant a couple of trees, gift her some from Stark Bros. or a local nursery. 

31. Seeds

Hoss Tools and Baker Creek are my annual seed sources. Any seeds that I don’t get from local seed swaps come from these companies. They each carry a variety of high-quality seeds that are perfect for the homestead garden.

32. Seed Pack Labels

Make sure mom can keep her seed inventory organized with these seed pack labels! Psst… They are free, but you can print, cut, and laminate them before gifting them to her 🙂

33. Mylar Bags

Homestead moms can use mylar bags for food storage and to store seeds & other dry goods. She can keep seeds in these bags and use the free seed pack labels to keep them organized. She can use a vacuum sealer to seal these bags for long term storage. 

34. Firewood Sling

This WoodOx Firewood Sling makes carrying firewood a breeze! Any homestead mom who has to carry split logs on a regular basis would be thrilled to have this handy!

Logox firewood sling

35. Hearth Bin

I LOVE my LogOx Hearth Bin! It holds the firewood that is up next for use in the fireplace. It is sturdy and eye-appealing. Take it straight from the mouth of a homesteading mama, this one is a great gift!

36. Beautiful Hive Tool

Kaylee at The Honeystead makes gorgeous hive tools for beekeepers who like to have tools with a little more to them than your standard beekeeping tools. Check them out in her Etsy Shop.

The Honeystead Honey Gold Hive Tool

Self-Care Gifts for Homestead Moms

37. Something Handmade or Handpicked

Mothers love heartfelt homemade gifts! Husbands can write a letter to her or make her something special if he is into woodworking. Kids can pick mom some flowers, draw a picture, write a letter, make homemade bath salts, or make a craft like these homemade salt dough ornaments.

Image of a boy handing wild flowers to his homestead mom | Mama on the Homestead

38. A Massage

Maybe this is a little cliche for Mother’s Day, but we don’t care! Homesteading mothers are on their feet all day raising plants, animals, and kids… they NEED a good massage every now & again.

39. Natural Skin Care + Makeup

You can’t go wrong with homesteading mama-made beauty products from Toups and Co! Toups is a family-owned business that offers natural handmade skin care, make up, soaps, tallow balms, and more!

Toups & Co skincare and makeup

40. Loose Leaf Tea Mix

A delicious & healthy herbal farmhouse tea is the perfect gift idea for all special occasions! Farmhouse Teas has black, green, and herbal loose-leaf teas, kombucha kits, skin care products, and more!

Loose leaf tea in a paper pouch from Farmhouse Teas

Homesteading Books and Resources

41. Homesteaders of America Membership

A Homesteaders of America membership grants access to:

  • pre-sale and discounted tickets to the HoA conference
  • the HoA member’s library that includes videos of speaker lectures and other resources
  • a private Facebook group filled with homesteaders across the US
  • and more!

42. The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion

The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion was written by a trusted friend of mine, Amy Fewell. 

This book teaches the basics of herbalism, how to use tinctures, salves, essential oils, and infused oils, AND how to use herbs with your livestock! If you know a homesteader who is interested in herbalism, this book is the perfect gift!

Image of The Homesteaders' Herbal Companion Book

43. The Farm Girl’s Guide to Preserving the Harvest: How to Can, Freeze, Dehydrate, and Ferment Your Garden’s Goodness

The Farm Girl’s Guide is an excellent book written by another trusted friend, Ann Accetta-Scott! This book is a detailed food preservation reference guide that covers canning, fermenting, freezing, dehydrating, curing, and smoking!

Image of The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest

44. The Sustainable Canning Course

The Sustainable Canning Course from A Farm Girl in the Making walks students through the canning process from start to finish. It provides all the information needed to take the fear out of hot water bath canning and pressure canning!

45. The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program

The Sustainable Living Mentorship Program is a customized 7-month coaching program for your homestead! It includes one-on-one Zoom calls, video tutorials, recipes, and more! *This program only opens up a couple of times each year so keep an eye on it.

46. 50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens: Chicken Coops, Brooders, Runs, Swings, Dust Baths, and More!

50 DIY Projects for Keeping Chickens is a book filled with actionable projects from Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm! In this book, you will find fun activities for chickens, nesting box-building plans, brooder pen instructions, feeding stations, and so much more!

47. 50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Goats: Fencing, Milking Stands, First Aid Kit, Play Structures, and More! 

50 DIY Projects for Keeping Goats is a book filled with actionable projects from Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm! In this book, you will find plans for goat fencing, hay storage, natural weed control, dehorning box, play structures, goat milk recipes, and more!

Image of 50 Do-It-Yourself Projects for Keeping Goats | Fencing, milking stands, first aid kit, paly structures and more! | Janet Garman Timber Creek Farm

48. Born-Again Dirt

I read Born-Again Dirt during college for a book report assignment. This book redefined my love for agriculture and put me on the path toward sustainable homesteading.

Image of Born-Again Dirt Book | Farming to the Glory of God by Noah Sanders

The author, Noah Sanders, encourages farmers and homesteaders to re-evaluate farming methods with faith in mind. If you are buying for a homesteading mom of faith, this book would be an incredibly thoughtful gift that she will treasure.

49. The Permaculture Women’s Guild Courses

The Permaculture Women’s Guild has free and low-cost online permaculture courses PLUS a permaculture certification program. 

50. The Homestead Management Binder

Give her a journal filled with blank pages for her to jot down her thoughts & farm data in or The Homestead Management Binder that has categories & checklists pre-made for her 🙂

The Homestead Management Binder

51. The Homemade Household: Complete Collection

The Homemade Household is a collection of e-books that are filled with recipes for from-scratch cooking, homemade cleaning supplies, bath + body products, and natural homemade products for the garden and livestock.

The Homemade Household Complete Collection

Homemade Gifts for Homestead Moms

52. DIY Gathering Apron

This Gathering apron can be made in just a few minutes out of a pillowcase! It can be used to gather eggs, harvest produce from the garden, or to carry tools in.

DIY Gathering Apron for eggs and garden produce

53. Homemade Bag Balm

My homemade bag balm is a simple recipe that can be used on dairy animals to keep their udders from cracking, on dry hands and feet to protect and revitalize, or by nursing mothers on sore breast tissue. 

Homemade bag balm for livestock and human use

54. Homemade Beeswax Wraps

Does the homestead mom in your life have the desire to reduce her need for disposable plastics and paper products? Make some beeswax wraps for her!

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