6 Simple Farm Themed Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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What do you think of when I say Valentine’s Day? Chocolate, Wine, Dates, Gifts, Hearts…right? Valentine’s Day isn’t always the celebration of romantic love though. Sometimes you celebrate the love that you have for your children…sometimes you celebrate your parents (and their love for you & each other)… Or maybe you are on a little homestead like me and you want to celebrate the animals that have become a part of your family. Check out these farm-themed Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids!

Valentine's Day Crafts Featured Image | Crayon + Heart Drawing

Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Why not spend this day/week/month of love on the homestead creating crafts and treats that can double as farm animal lessons for your kids??? You can move on to your date night later…Right now have a little fun creating some farm themed Valentine’s  Day Crafts with your kiddos!

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Farm Themed Valentine’s Day Crafts

#1: Paper Plate Cow Craft

Give the kiddos a little gluing and cutting practice with this cute paper plate cow craft!

You can throw in some fun trivia about cattle to turn this craft into a fun lesson.

Example trivia questions:

  • What is a steer?
  • What is a heifer?
  • Do all cows have spots?
  • What is a cow?
  • What is a bull?
  • How many products do we get from cattle?
Paper plate Cow Craft | 6 Simple Farm Themed Valentine's Day Crafts | Mama on the Homestead

#2: Hogs & Kisses Craft

Forget the hugs! Go for hogs and kisses instead this Valentine’s Day with this cute piggy handprint craft!

You can teach different pig breeds with this craft… Not all piggies are pink, you know?

Pig Breed Examples:

  • Yorkshire
  • Berkshire
  • Poland China
  • Chester White
  • Duroc
  • Hampshire
  • Landrace
  • Spotted
Handprint Pig | Mama on the Homestead

#3: Bird Seed Heart Treats

Make these treats in a heart shaped tray to show a little love to your birdie friends! Use this recipe if you are giving these treats to your backyard chickens.

Lesson Idea:

Have fun  bird watching with your kids after setting these treats out. What kinds of birds visit your yard? Discuss migration patterns, bird songs, etc. If you are giving the treats to your chickens then you can talk about chicken breeds or how chickens digest their food.

>> Grab this Birdseed for Your V-Day Bird Treats <<

Heart-Shaped Bird Seed Craft | Heart Drawing | 6 Simple Farm Themed Valentine's Day Crafts | Mama on the Homestead
The Simplified Homeschool Planner

#4: Sheep Handprint Craft

Will Ewe Be Mine? Create this precious handprint and thumbprint sheep art for your kids’ Valentine’s Day cards!

Lesson Idea:

Teach the difference between wool sheep and hair sheep as well as the different uses for both.

Farm Themed Valentine's Day Crafts | Mama on the Homestead

#5: V-Day Pig Mailbox Craft

Use this pink piggy mailbox as a Valentine’s card mailbox or as cute storage for the little ones.

Lesson Idea:

Watch Youtube videos of pigs (if you don’t have your own) so your kids can see how large they are and how they interact with each other and with people.

Farm Themed Valentine's Day Crafts | Mama on the Homestead

#6: Bee Mine Craft

Celebrate the holiday with your little honey by making this Bee Mine toilet paper roll craft!

Lesson Idea:

Teach your kids about how honeybees work inside the hive. Learn the roles that different bees play to make their delicious honey. You can even check out this post (with a video) to see how we extract honey from our bee hives AND this post to see how we catch wild bee swarms.

Farm Themed Valentine's Day Crafts | Mama on the Homestead

Looking for Valentine’s Day recipes to make with the kids?

Find my favorite Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Recipes here!

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