Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July Recipes

Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

30 4th of July Craft Ideas and Independence Day Recipes!

I love Independence Day! My family usually spends the day celebrating freedom by eating awesome food, watching fireworks, and making fun & patriotic crafts with the kiddos…because really…who doesn’t love a good craft that gets your kiddos covered in some red, white, & blue  paint?

Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas for Kids

There are so many 4th of July craft ideas on the internet that trying to pick one can be a little overwhelming so I put together a little list for you (because I love lists). Scroll through to see my top 30 4th of July craft ideas & recipes for the kiddos this year!

Independence Day Crafts

1. Cardboard Tube Fireworks

Cut slits on one end of some toilet paper or paper towels rolls to make these firework burst paintings. Repurposing & crafting with the kids…Two birds, one stone. Find the instructions at Happiness is Homemade.

Cardboard Tube Fireworks | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

2. American Flag T-shirts

This flag handprint t-shirt works as a sentimental keepsake & a piece of clothing! Again–>Two birds, one stone. See the instructions on Kid Blog.

American Flag T-Shirts | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

3. Star Spangled Slime

My kids love playing with Play Doh, putty, andslime! I think that this 4th of July craft, star spangled slime, will be a hit with all the littles! Find the instructions over on I Can Teach My Child.Star-Spangled Slime | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

4. Pom-Pom American Flag Painting

Looking for a more creative way for your kids to paint? Try this project where your kiddos can paint an American flag with pom poms and clothes pins! Find the full instructions at

Pom Pom Flag Painting | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

5. Red, White, and Blue Pencil Toppers

Carry the patriotic fun over into the school day with these patriotic pencil toppers! Get the directions at Easy Peasy and Fun!

Red, White, and Blue Pencil Toppers | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

6. Statue of Liberty Crown & Torch

Your kiddos can dress up as the Statue of Liberty with this easy 4th of July Craft! You can find the instructions from Buggy and Buddy!

Statue of Liberty DIY |Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

7. Uncle Sam Mask & Beard

Let your kiddo be Uncle Sam himself with this fun 4th of July craft! The directions are on

Uncle Sam Craft | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

8. Magazine Mosaic Flag

This mosaic flag is a fun way to teach colors, art, and patterns to your kiddos! vYou can find the instructions on Crafts by Amanda.

Magazine Mosaic Flag | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

9. Hand and Footprint Bald Eagle

Research the national bird with your kiddos and make this Bald Eagle craft with hand & foot cutouts! You can find the instructions for this 4th of July craft on Fun Handprint Art.Had & Foot print Bald Eagle Craft | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

10. Shaving Cream Fireworks

My kids LOVE to play in shaving cream! Why not let them create a little patriotic art while they are getting messy? The instructions are found on I Can Teach My Child.

Shaving Cream Fireworks Craft | Simple 4th of July Craft Ideas + 4th of July  Recipes | Faithful Farmwife

11. 4th of July Rocks!

Do your kids like to hide rocks in your town for others to find? Paint some star spangled rocks for this July! Thrifty Nifty Things has the instructions.

4th of July Painted Rocks | Faithful Farmwife

12. Firecracker Noisemaker

How fun do these noisemakers look!? Just make and shake! The directions for this craft are on Paging Super Mom.

Firecracker Noise Maker | Faithful Farmwife

13. Firecracker Party Popper

This is such a fun 4th of July Craft! Make some Firecracker Party Poppers for your kiddos to pull apart this Independence Day! Find the directions on All Kids Network .

Firecracker Party Popper | | Faithful Farmwife

14. Safe & Sparkless Sparklers

Worried about your youngest kiddos using sparklers? Try these DIY Sparkless Sparklers from Merriment Design for them to wave around!
Sparkless Sparklers | Faithful Farmwife

15. Homemade 4th of July Chalk

Make some DIY Red, White, and , Blue sidewalk chalk for your kiddos to make some 4th of July artwork! Project Alicia has all of the instructions for this project.Patriotic Chalk DIY | Faithful Farmwife

16. Patriotic Windsock

Help your kids make this simple Patriotic Windsock from All Kids Network to hang on the porch or patio.Patriotic Windsock | Faithful Farmwife

17. Patriotic Salt Dough Magnets

Making salt dough ornaments is a Christmas tradition in our house. Patriotic salt dough magnets for a 4th of July craft need to become our next holiday tradition! Get the directions on All Kids Network.

Patriotic Salt Dough Magnets | Faithful Farmwife

18. Toilet Paper Roll Firework

Repurpose a couple of toilet paper rolls for these toilet paper roll fireworks! The directions for this 4th of July craft can also be found on All Kids Network (we really like their stuff!).

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks | Faithful Farmwife

19. Toilet Paper Roll Rockets

Repurpose even more toilet paper rolls to make the DIY 4th of July rockets! PBS has the full instructions for this craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Rockets | Faithful Farmwife

20. Coffee Filter Water Color Flags

Coffee filters, water, and a water color paint pallets are all that you need for your kids to create these patriotic water color flags from Make and Takes!

Coffee Filter Watercolor Flags | Faithful Farmwife

21. Egg Carton American Flag

Gather a few of your unused egg cartons for this Egg Carton Flag 4th of July craft! The full instructions are found on Crafty Morning.

Egg Carton American Flag | Faithful Farmwife

Simple 4th of July Recipes

Independence Day doesn’t only call for fun crafts, you also need some simple patriotic snacks! Here are some of my favorite 4th of July recipes for kids!

Independence Day Recipes

22. Patriotic Yogurt Popsicles

These patriotic yogurt popsicles are my kids’ favorite snack! They are so simple to make that the kids can pitch in or make these themselves. Yogurt pops are also healthy enough for a quick breakfast when you are short on time!
Patriotic Yogurt Popsicles | Faithful Farmwife

23. Watermelon Star Pops

Use a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out some fun 4th of July watermelon star pops!

Watermelon Star Pops | Faithful Farmwife

24. Patriotic Dirt Cake

Make a spin on traditional dirt cake with cream cheese and red, white, and blue star shaped sprinkles!

Patriotic Dirt Cake | Faithful Farmwife

25. 4th of July SnoCone Cupcakes

Make some SnoCone look-a-like cupcakes with your kiddos this 4th of July!

Sno Cone Cupcakes | Faithful Farmwife

26. Firecracker Cake Pops

Firecracker cake pops are made of red, white, and blue cake layers with pop rocks tucked on the inside. How cool!?

Firecracker Cake Pops | Faithful Farmwife

27. Firecracker Sugar Cookies

If you don’t want to make the layered firecracker cake pops, you can still have a “poppin'” treat with these firecracker sugar cookies!

Firecracker Sugar Cookies | Faithful Farmwife

28. Patriotic White Chocolate Pretzels

Patriotic White Chocolate Pretzels are a simple treat that the kids can make themselves. Just drizzle with white chocolate and add sprinkles!

Patriotic White Chocolate Pretzels | Faithful Farmwife

29. Red, White, and Blue Pancakes Stacks

Don’t leave breakfast out of the 4th of July celebrations! Make Berry Patriotic Pancake Stacks to start Independence Day off right!

Red White and Blue Pancake Stacks | Faithful Farmwife

30. Patriotic Dipped Strawberries

These dipped strawberries are another simple treat that your kids can make on their own. Berries, chocolate, and sprinkles are all that you need!

Patriotic Dipped Strawberries | Faithful Farmwife


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