Self Care Tips and Advice for Moms

Self-Care Tips and Advice for Moms | Faithful Farmwife

Actionable self-care advice for mothers.

Do you ever feel inadequate as a mother and wife? Who am I kidding?? We all feel that way from time to time.

Today, I welcome Rachel from The Career Bean as my guest poster. She has some great tips to help self-care keep mommy at her finest!

You selflessly sacrifice for your family. You’re awesome at what you do and sometimes, with good intentions, in the hustle and bustle of life you forget about yourself.

Since 2009, I’ve worked with tons of clients, as a Career Coach, and at times helped them with their work/life balance. Our bodies appreciate it when we get the balance right! And …

Our families deserve mommy at her finest. Never give up mommies; your job training up your flock doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here are my self-care tips for a first class mom.

Self-Care Advice for Moms

God+Health+Intellect = Mommy at her finest!

Let’s break the self-care advice down and share a couple of ideas.

Self-Care Tip #1: Put God first

Start or improve your prayer journal

A prayer journal is a great way to reflect and retune or thoughts to positivity. Try writing down all the things that God helped you accomplish today. Gratitude has a magical way of changing our spirits. Share parts of your journal with your hubby and another close friend.

Indulge in the Fruits of the Spirit

Take inventory of your life and the characters of your flock. What virtue/s need improvement? Does anything stick out to you as a major strength? Perhaps, you’re very gentle or longsuffering. Share your secrets with someone else that may benefit.

Self-Care Tip #2: Prioritize Health


I recently read that exercising in the morning can improve our creativity. Creativity is a skill that some mothers pay big bucks for so that they can entertain their children. Get creative for FREE.

Schedule in spouse time.

We are more likely to achieve a goal when we write it down and share it. Do both of these things to maintain mommy at her finest.

Self-Care Tip #3: Nurture Your Intellect

Make time for reading.

According to Dave Ramsey, the average millionaire reads one book per month while the average American reads one book per year. How heinous, in my opinion, at least.

Children are sponges, and they learn by assimilation. Mommies, read so you can nurture your child’s intellect. Start out with a 3-minute article every day! That’s a great start.

Don’t turn your back on your professional development.

Here are 2 websites that offer FREE professional courses:

  • Master Class
  • Skill Share– over 500 FREE bite size classes
  • Future Learn – FREE classes on topics such as teaching, law, creative arts, health, science and sports and leisure.

Don’t doubt your greatness just climb higher and remember … God + Health + Intellect = Mommy at her finest!

Rachel was a lost B.A Fashion Promotion graduate who ventured to Japan and then South Korea to teach English. Since 2009 she has been living out her primary calling. Rachel has helped countless clients make wise career choices, get the job they deserve and identify and achieve their life goals. Make the most of her expertise by visiting


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