Are you struggling to keep your homeschool planning in order?

The Simplified Homeschool Planner includes 14 pages to help you simply and efficiently plan & track your homeschool year!

Everything from your curriculum choices to weekly lesson plans to doctor visits and community service hours are covered in this planner!

You will have the option upon checkout to choose the landscape or portrait layout and you can choose between full-color graphics and light graphics (if you want to save on ink).

**The binder spine is also included in the download.

**This is a PDF product

It is quite difficult to keep track of daily work, attendance, yearly plans, field trips, safety drills, etc when you have toddlers and infants hanging off of your hips. Keeping track of homeschool records can overwhelm you and sometimes fall to the wayside a bit as you focus on other areas of your life (like loving on & teaching your kids!).

The ability to homeschool is a blessing and the need to plan is a necessary evil that comes along with it.

You need a clear-cut homeschool planner and record-keeping system to make it a little bit easier. When you make planning easier, you can put more of your energy into teaching & spending time with your kiddos!

Planning and record keeping can seem irrelevant when your days are already so full, but proper planning can be a game-changer in your homeschool.

That’s why I’m SO excited about the resource I am about to share with you!!

I want YOU to find the same relief & success through homeschool planning that I did!

To get you started with that, allow me to introduce The Simplified Homeschool Planner, the all-in-one homeschool planning pack!

The Simplified Homeschool Planner

The Simplified Homeschool Planner was created for busy mamas just like you! Well… If I am honest, I created this planner for myself (also a busy mama just like you)…

It worked so well for me and my kids in our homeschool that I wanted to make it available to you as well! My hope is that this homeschool planner can give you the efficiency and simplicity that you are looking for in your homeschool planning and record-keeping.

Planning is different for each homeschooling family and record-keeping laws vary from county to county & state to state. Our state is pretty lenient, but I don’t think you can ever be too careful. No matter what state you live in, this planner will give you a strong core of documents for your own sanity and for security in case you are ever faced with an audit.

With The Simplified Homeschool Planner you will:

  • Keep track of attendance
  • Record Grades
  • Lay out a Semester Learning Plan
  • Track Homeschool Expenses
  • and more!

Here is EXACTLY What You Will Find Inside The Simplified Homeschool Planner:

*This product is PDF only.

The Simplified Homeschool Planner includes 14 pages to help you simply and efficiently plan & track your homeschool year! Everything from your curriculum choices to weekly lesson plans to doctor visits and community service hours are covered in this planner!

Homeschool Planning Sheets

Simplified Homeschool Planner Cover Page

This cover sheet goes on the front of my homeschool binder. I use a binder with a clear front pocket, but if you have one without this pocket you can tape the laminated cover to the front.

Monthly Calendar

This calendar will work for any month in any year. Just fill in the dates and you are good to go! Laminate it and use a dry-erase marker or print a new one for each month.

Homeschool To-Do List

Use this sheet to keep track of everything that you need to do for your homeschool. Projects to prep for, lesson plans to create, etc. You can laminate this to reuse or reprint it each time you need a new one.

Semester Learning Plan

The Learning Plan has columns for each subject, the title of the curriculum used, and the total number of lessons within the course. I like to divide the number of lessons by the number of days that we plan to study each subject to be sure that we will be able to complete the course within our school year.

Homeschool Goals

Each month I set new goals for our homeschool on the Monthly Goals sheet. These goals could be academic (i.e. Child’s name should read # of books per month) or mental and emotional (i.e. Show more patience and grace when teaching math).

Weekly Lesson Plans

The Weekly Lesson Plan sheet in this homeschool planner is where I write down what we plan to accomplish on each day for each subject. As we finish a lesson, I check it or mark it off of the sheet so I have a visual of where we are for the day and for the week. There are two different lesson plan formats so you can choose which one works best for your homeschool.

Homeschool Record Sheets

Student Attendance

I keep an attendance log for each day that we do school work, go on field trips, or do community service work. This page has numbers 1-31 with a star beside each number. Check, cross out, or fill in the stars next to the dates that you “did school” You can print one for each month or print one and laminate it to reuse for each month. I print new ones for each month so that I can keep them for my records.


Use this sheet to keep track of your child’s grades. This is very useful if you are required to turn in detailed grades at the end of each semester.

Reading Log

We are working hard to increase the number of books we read in our household. To help with this, I keep up with each completed book in this reading log (one per reading-aged child). When it is filled up, the kids get a special treat to celebrate!

Community Service Log

The Community Service Log Sheet contains all volunteer work completed by the school age kiddos. This is helpful if you have a community service requirement or if you just want to keep track for your older children’s resumes.

Field Trip Log

Anytime we go on a field trip, vacation, or complete community service work I write down the date, where we went, what we did, and what the educational purpose was for our records.

Extracurricular Activities

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by our extracurricular activities so I created a form to help me keep track. Soccer, Piano, Baseball, 4-H, Trail Life, etc. We only do one extracurricular activity per child per season right now, but we still have a lot going on with three kiddos involved so this sheet is definitely a sanity saver.

Doctor Visits

Our family doesn’t visit the doctor often, but when we do I forget which kid had what within three months. The doctor visit form helps me to keep track of any illnesses and medications that my kids have throughout the year without having to keep a mental file.

Safety Drills

It is ALWAYS a great idea to practice safety drills (fire, tornado, earthquake, etc) with your kids. I use the Safety Lessons and Drills Form so I can easily see when we are due for a refresher.

Homeschool Finance Sheets

Homeschool Expenses

Track all of your homeschool-related expenses on this sheet. Anything from books to pencils to field trips!

Curriculum Resale

If you resell your books when your family is finished with them, you can use this sheet to record what price you are selling them for.

What are People Saying About The Simplified Homeschool Planner?

I love what I’m seeing!

I think you have just what would be needed for a well rounded year of records. I love all of the different pages that most other planners don’t have, like drills, curriculum resale, goals, and the reading list! I would recommend to any mom who is looking to be organized, but doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with her organizational material! Just the right amount of help without the fluff!
Aubrey Doyle

I love the simplicity of this homeschool planner!

I cannot tell you the number of times I have bought a planner to use for our homeschool lessons and not even use half or more of it. It includes all the important stuff to keep records of without all the fluff. The variety of record pages come in really handy because they help me keep better records for different activities and trips we do that pertain to homeschooling. It is so easy to write in the dates as you go along instead of having predated planning pages that may get off track as the year goes on. I also really like the finance section because you can easily keep track of how much you spend on curriculum and how much you can resell it for later.
MaryBeth Pickering

Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

All you need to do is print out the sheets (one-sided OR front-and-back), hole punch them (or use sheet protectors), and stick them in a binder! You can even laminate the sheets and use a dry erase marker if you wish.

I do not have options for hard copies at the moment.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds on any digital products.

Don’t let another semester coast by without intentional planning!

A Little Recap…

The Simplified Homeschool Planner is PERFECT for the homeschool teacher who loves pen + paper record keeping, wants to take control of the family’s education, and wants to reduce stress and clutter within the homeschool!

With the purchase of The Simplified Homeschool Planner, you will receive:

  • The Homeschool Planner Cover Page
  • The Monthly Calendar
  • The Semester Learning Plan
  • The Homeschool Goal Sheet
  • The Weekly Lesson Plans
  • The Homeschool To-Do List
  • The Student Attendance Log
  • The Grade Sheet
  • The Reading Log
  • The Community Service Log
  • The Field Trip Log
  • The Extracurricular Activity Log
  • The Doctor Visit Log
  • The Safety Drill Log
  • The Homeschool Expense Sheet
  • The Curriculum Resale Sheet

It’s time to stop “winging it” in your homeschool.

Grab this planner + start streamlining your homeschool records today!

*Do not replicate to sell. This product was created by Mama on the Homestead (Jessica Quinn) and is for personal use only.

*This is a PDF product

*No refunds can be offered for digital products.

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