30+ of the Best Dairy Unit Study Resources

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We are coming to the end of National Dairy Month and to be honest, I am a little sad… I enjoy seeing so many people come together to support dairy farmers, especially now. What better way to close it out than with a dairy unit study for your homeschool? There are a ton of dairy unit study resources that you can use, but I have narrowed the list down to my 32 favorite resources to save you a little time. In this list you will find recipes, videos, printables, crafts, activities, lesson plans, websites, AND Facebook pages of dairy farmers. You can pick and choose the ones that work for you or go crazy and use every single one of them!

The Best Homeschool Dairy Unit Study Resources

Dairy farmers sometimes get a bad rap, but you can use a dairy unit study to help your kids better understand the nutritional value of dairy and the hard work put in by dairy farmers to care for their animals. You can use these hand-picked resources in your homeschool to teach your kids about dairy cows, dairy goats, dairy farming, and about the products that are made from milk!

Dairy Recipes

1. Milk & Honey Ice Cream– This homemade ice cream recipe is definitely one of my favorites! It is just the right balance between salty and sweet and it is easy enough for the kids to make.

2. Mozzarella Cheese– Teach your children the cheesemaking process with this simple mozzarella recipe.

3. Homemade Yogurt- Making yogurt is a little more complex than ice cream and mozzarella, but it is a fun process that can teach your children about good bacteria and gut health.

4. Simple Homemade Butter– This one-ingredient butter recipe is easy, fun, and educational. Perfect for your dairy unit study! You get homemade buttermilk from this recipe as well!

Dairy Unit Study Videos & Youtube Channels

5. The Journey of Milk– Learn how milk gets form the farm to your table in this dairy farm tour led by a young girl.

6. How to Milk a Goat Taught by an 8 Year Old Kid– Let 8 year old Lydia from Weed ’em & Reap show your children how to properly milk a goat.

7. Cows or Goats? Which Dairy Animal is Right for You?– Do you know the pros and cons of dairy cows and dairy goats? Art & Bri can tell you all about them!

8. Kinnard Dairy Farm– The Kinnards are generational dairy farmers that publish information videos about the work that happens on a dairy farm.

9. Blue Cactus Dairy Goats– This Youtube channel is full of great videos about dairy goat care, pregnancy, kidding, milking, and more!

10. Weed ’em & Reap– This family lives on 1 acre in the suburbs, but they have turned it into thievery own mini farm! They have dairy goats and they have some nice videos about milking.

Dairy Unit Study Printables

11. Unit Study & Free Dairy Cow Printables for K-2– Use these cow-themed printables for math, telling time, and handwriting.

12. Make Your Own Butter + Dairy-Themed Cutting & Counting Printables– You can use these printables for cutting and counting practice with your little ones.

13. Dairy Products Coloring Page– Take a coloring break with this coloring sheet that features dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt!

14. Label a Dairy Cow– This free printable helps your children learn the basic anatomy of a dairy cow by labeling its udders, ears, hooves, tail, and nose.

15. Dairy Counting &  Copywork Sheets– These counting and copywork sheets feature several milk-based products like ice cream, and cheese.

Dairy Unit Study Books

16. 15 Children’s Dairy Animal Book List– This post has 15 of my all-time favorite books about dairy cows and dairy goats for children. One of the books was even written by a dairy farm mama in Minnesota!

17. Dairy Products (Feeding the World)– This book is geared for kids in grades 2-4. It presents general information about dairy products, their history, and how they are made.

18. Dairy (Healthy Eating with MyPlate)– Teach your kids how to incorporate dairy into their diet in a healthy way with this Healthy Eating book.

Dairy Unit Study Crafts & Activities 

19. Milking a Cow Activity– Milk, a rubber glove, a jar, and a needle are all that you need for this fine motor skill activity for your kiddos.

20. Paper Bag Jersey Cow Puppet– Most dairy animal crafts focus on the Holstein cow, but we don’t want to leave the Jersey breed out! Your kids can use a brown paper bag to make this cute  Jersey Cow puppet!

21. Dairy Cow Bookmarks– Make these bookmarks to use as you and your kids read through the dairy animal book list.

22. Toilet Paper Roll Goats– We didn’t leave out the Jersey cows and we can’t skip the goats either! Repurpose empty toilet paper rolls to make this goat craft!

Dairy Unit Study Lesson Plans

23. Discover Dairy-This website has lessons and curricula for teaching your children about dairy production. The lessons are separated by Elementary School, Middle School, and Classroom Enrichment.

24. American Dairy– On the American Dairy website, you will find dairy themed lesson plans and fun activities for grades 1-6.

25. The Dairy Alliance– This website offers great lesson plan materials for teaching about dairy farming & dairy products.

Dairy Unit Study Websites

26. Dairy MAX– This website contains a ton of information about dairy nutrition and dairy farming!

27. Cabot Cheese Health & Education– Dairy themed lesson plans, programs, activities, and more for parents, educators, and community members.

Dairy Farmer Facebook Pages

You can follow these dairy farmers on Facebook for photos, videos, and more from real-life dairy farms!

28. Kasper Dairy Farm – The mama on this farm, Karen Kasper, its the author of one of the books on the dairy animal book list. Their dairy farm is located in Minnesota.

29. Hatcher Family Dairy– This Tennessee based dairy farm offers a variety of dairy products for customers to enjoy.

30. Dairy Carrie– Dairy Carrie is a dairy farmer, animal agriculture advocate, and blogger.

31. Five Starr Farms– This is a local (Tennessee) dairy goat farm. We have actually purchased a couple of our dairy goats from them and they have some nice goat milk products for sale.


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