How to Make a DIY Horseshoe Bow Holder

Surprise your little cowgirl with a DIY horseshoe bow holder!

My 18 month old daughter is destined to be an equestrian champ. She loves horses and she is already a pretty good rider. We are redecorating her room (that doubles as her soon-to-be-here sister’s nursery) with an equestrian theme and I want to share my projects with you! The first project that I am crossing off of my list is a DIY horseshoe bow holder made with reclaimed materials.

Horseshoe Bow Holder Tutorial

Bow Holder Project Prep


  • An old board…You can use a new board just the same, but I like the rustic look and the $0 price tag of an old one pulled off of a pallet.
  • Horseshoes
  • Nails
  • Hammer-I used the drill to remove screws from the old board.
  • Paint
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Sawtooth HangersDIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

You can check out the video tutorial HERE!


Step 1

Make sure that the horseshoes are clean especially if they have been used. You can use a wire brush to scrub them and antibacterial spray or soapy water to wash them off…just don’t let them sit in the water because they will rust.

Step 2

After cleaning the shoes and removing nails, lay them out on a flat surface that you don’t mind getting paint on. I am using a piece of cardboard. Spray an even coat of paint on each shoe.

Try to use a paint on the shoes that prevents rust. Let dry, flip and repeat on the other side. If you don’t want to paint the shoes, then you can use a clear craft sealant to help prevent your bow holder from rusting.

Step 3

Clear your board of dust and lay it out on your painting surface. Paint an even coat on each side, allowing dry time before flipping.

DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

Step 4

Use a hammer to gently tap the nails into the holes in the horseshoes.

DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

Step 5

Tie the twine or ribbon around the first nail. Pull it taut to each nail in the same row, looping it around each one. Repeat this for each row of nails on your bow holder.

DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

Step 6

Now just use the hammer to tap the sawtooth hangers into the back of the board.

DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes

This bow holder is now ready to liven up the room of your favorite horse lover!

You can use this horseshoe bow holder to hang hair bows, headbands, or jewelry. If you need more space that what the twine offers then you can add ribbon to hang from the bottom. I will probably add this to mine later since we are having another little girl in August.


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DIY Hairbow Holder with Horseshoes



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