5 Weird Ways Toddlers Act Like Cats

Have you ever noticed how much toddlers are like cats?

My Toddlers Act Like Cats

My daughter is 19 months old and I have found myself wondering on several occasions during those 19 months if she is really a feline disguised as a precious little girl…Does that sound a little odd to you? Then maybe you don’t have a toddler or maybe your toddler actually acts like a human…either way, I have put together a list of 5 similarities between my toddler & my cat to show you just what I mean.

5 Ways Toddlers are Like Cats

1. They beg incessantly for milk.

As soon as my little girl wakes up in the morning she starts asking for her milk cup. Then she usually asks for chocolate syrup and for me to “shake, shake, shake” the cup. The cat also wakes up and begs for milk…and a belly rub…and a crown.

2. They like to wallow all over my workspace..and my face.

If I am trying to work on anything at all, my toddler & my cat ensure that my attention doesn’t stray too far from them. Maybe I should chalk this one up to love & affection instead of a self-centered action…

Similarities Between My Toddler & My Cat

3.”Look at Me!!”

Whether I am cooking, watering plants, or trying to use the restroom (do any mamas do this in peace?) I have a little creature running in a figure 8 pattern through my ankles to ensure that I know she is still the most important thing in my life… I’m telling you, toddlers are like cats! Just.like.them!Similarities Between My Toddler & My Cat

4. They do their business where they shouldn’t.

The cat went through a phase of peeing and pooping everywhere that she shouldn’t…including my laundry 🙁 My toddler is now in a phase where she likes to take her diaper off and be free like the kitty. It looks like potty training is in our near future.

5. They are totally obsessed with boxes.

If you know anything about cats, then you know that boxes of any shape and size attract them like magnets…The same applies to this girl. She actually broke down into a heartbroken tantrum once when she saw me throw a diaper box away.

Similarities Between My Toddler & My Cat Similarities Between My Toddler & My Cat

Similarities Between My Toddler & My Cat

What do your kids do that remind you of your pets? Or am I alone on this one?



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  1. This cracked me up! I’ve seen an online article about how toddlers are also like tiny drunk adults… so funny. Stopping by from the Women with Intention link up!

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