20+ Winter Homestead Essentials You Need to Stock

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Winter on the homestead is a little more complex than winter in the city. We aren’t just caring for ourselves and our homes, but we have another whole section of life to manage.

From the livestock, to the barn, to the garden… everything has to be prepped to survive the cold or we lose time, money, and possibly lives. There are some winter homestead essentials that I find very important to cold-weather survival and I would like to share them with you.

Preparing for Winter on the Homestead

If you are an off-grid homesteader, you have some extra chores in addition to what this grid-loving homesteader has to complete. I love reading about brave people, like Jim Beaty, who abandon the grid for a truly back-to-our-roots lifestyle, but I haven’t taken that leap just yet.

Winter Homestead Essentials

**Each homestead is different and, therefore, will require different supplies/equipment for the winter.

Food Preservation & Preparation

Bountiful Spring and Summer gardens often produce more food than can be eaten in a seasons-time.

There are some basic tools to keep on your homestead that will allow you to preserve, store, and prepare your fruits, veggies, and meat throughout the winter.

  • Water-Bath Cannera water bath canner can be used to preserve high acidity (low pH) foods like tomatoes.
  • Pressure Cooker Canner a pressure canner should be used to preserve lower acidity (high pH) foods like green beans.
  • Food DehydratorUse a dehydrator to preserve meat, powder, milk, make fruit leather, and more!
  • Solar Oven– A solar oven can be used to cook & dehydrate food as well as boil & purify water even on the coldest days as long as there is sunlight.
All-American Sun Oven dehydrating white clover
  • Root Cellar or PantryYou will want to have extra food stored in a cellar or pantry for use during winter emergencies.
  • Heat Source– You need a heat source for cooking and for heating your home. If you don’t have electricity or gas, this probably means that you need to stock up on firewood. It is a good idea to have some firewood on hand for emergencies even if you use electric or  gas heat.
Cast iron dutch oven over a camp fire

Winter Homestead Livestock Essentials

Red chicken walking through the snow

Winter Homestead Garden Essentials

Winter garden cold frame
  • Prep Back to Eden Garden– Make sure that you are caring for your garden area through the winter so that you will be ready to plant in the spring.
  • Frost Cover– Use a frost cover/shade cloth/row cover to protect your cold weather garden from the elements.

Winter Homestead Emergency Supplies

Winter homestead essentials: flashlight, candles, matches, batteries

Personal Winter Homestead Essentials

  • Heavy Duty Coat
  • Insulated Chore Boots
  • Insulated & Waterproof Gloves
  • Supplements– I COULD NOT keep up with all of my responsibilities as a mom, a business owner, and a homesteader if I still felt like I did last year. I highly recommend finding supplements that work for you to keep you on top of your game. I currently use a mix of probiotics, magnesium, and homemade elderberry syrup.

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