22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations

22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife

Each month, our homeschool group gets together for a fun event somewhere within the county. I was placed on the October Event Planning Team… When you own a farm, the only logical choice for an October event is a Fall Farm Fest so that is what we went with!

I put together a list of food, activities, and decorations for you just in case you are considering throwing your own Fall Fest on the Farm!

Fall on the Farm: Fall Farm Fest

Farm Fall Fest Food, Activities, and Decorations

Fall Farm Fest Food

  • Apple Chips
    • Slice 3+ pounds of apples into thin circles. I like to use an apple corer & slicer for this to make the job a little less painful. Lay the slices in a single layer on a lightly greased baking sheet and sprinkle with a little cinnamon and sugar. Heat oven to 200 F and bake for 2-3 hours.
  • Hot Dogs
    • Cook these on the grill before hand or, if it is raining, you can broil them in the oven. We served buns & ketchup with the hot dogs. You can get a little more extravagant with
  • Potato Chips
    • I bought a couple big packs of single serve bags and that served our entire crowd.
  • Goat Milk Caramel Brownie Bites
    • I had every intention to make these for our Fall Farm Fest, but time didn’t allow. I still want to add it into my list because it’s awesome 🙂 Just sub the milk in the recipe for goat milk.
  • Water
    • When serving a large crowd, it is very difficult (and expensive) to provide drinks that will please everyone’s taste buds. If your guests are pitching in on the costs, then that is wonderful and you can provide more options (ours did by bringing some additional drinks)…BUT if you are footing the bill on your own, I suggest purchasing some bottled water packs.Food & Activity labels | 22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife

    Fall Farm Fest Activities:

    • Flag Football
      • I bought a Flag Football Set at a local consignment sale and my kids LOVE it! They really wanted to play it at the Fall Farm Fest, but it was pouring rain. If you have better weather at your event, I highly suggest this one 🙂
    • Corn Hole
      • Can you even have an event in the South with corn hole? I didn’t think so. You can purchase a set or make your own! We were actually able to borrow these from a local business so you could check around your town for “community boards” before spending any money.Corn Hole | 22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife
    • Pumpkin Decorating
    • Ring Toss
      • This is a great game to play inside or outside. Kids of all ages flock to it (almost as much as corn hole). We used a small wooden ring toss set and it held up great!
    • Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe
      • Paint a Tic-Tac-Toe board on a surface like a box, a piece of wood, or the ground. Use a paint marker to draw an “x” on three mini pumpkins and an “o” on the other three mini pumpkins. This game was a hit all-around!Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe | 22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife
    • Farm Fresh Photos
      • Use your tractor or a pasture with animals in it for a backdrop. Offer printed masks and farm animal noise cards as props.

    Farm Photo Booth | 22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife

    • Goat Milking Simulator
      • Fill a disposable glove with water and poke a hole in the tip of the index finger. Let kids “milk” the glove.
    • Feed Animals
      • Make some healthy treats for your animals before the event. Let the kids feed the horses, rabbits, and chickens as a fun activity to get them closer to animals that they might not see on a regular basis.Horses | 22 of the Best Fall Farm Fest Activities, Food, & Decorations | Faithful Farmwife
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Extra Activities
      • Depending on your bravery level, you could tackle additional activities such as bobbing for apples, corn husking contest, candy corn relay, or making apple pie play dough.

    Fall on the Farm Decorations & Printables

    Are you planning to host a Fall Fest on your farm soon?

    Having families out to the farm is a great opportunity to share farm life with people who may not know much about farm animals, growing crops, and other aspects of this lifestyle. We had our homeschool group over for Fall on the Farm last year and it was a hit! The kids LOVED petting our animals, playing corn hole, and other fun farm activities. You can make your Fall Fest a hit as well with the same Fall on the Farm printable pack that I used at mine!

    What Will You Find Inside the Fall on the Farm Pack?

    The Fall on the Farm Printable Pack comes complete with a Fall on the Farm Banner, Farm Food Labels, Farm-Themed Activity Cards, and Fun Farm Animal Photo Booth Props! This pack is absolutely free and you can find it in the Member Resource Library!

    Fall on the Farm Banner

    Print this Banner to create a cohesive theme for your event!

    Fall Fest Food Label Tents 

    Print these fall fest food labels (from the Member Resource Library) to give a little fall farm flair to your food choices!

    Food Labels include:

    Fall Fest Activity Cards

    Use these fall farm themed activity cards to guide your guests to their activity of choice.

    Activity Cards include: 

    Fall on the Farm Photo Booth Props

    This instant pdf download includes five farm animal sound photo booth props.

    Farm Animal Sound Photo Booth Props include:

    • “Neigh!”
    • “Baaa!”
    • “Oink! Oink!”
    • “Moo!”
    • “Cluck, Cluck!”

    Use them in conjunction with these farm animal faces for a fun fall farm fresh photo booth!

     What are your favorite fall fest activities?

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