10+ of the Best Bunny Birthday Party Activities & Food

10+ of the Best Bunny Birthday Party Activities & Food | Faithful Farmwife

Ideas, activities, food, and printable for a bunny birthday party!

Planning themed birthday parties is a guilty pleasure of mine. My sweet husband thinks that I go a little bit overboard and he’s probably right… but I love it, the pictures turn out super cute, and the kids haven’t complained so I will carry on. 😉

Coming up with a theme for my youngest daughter’s first birthday was a little tricky for me. I like to plan around something that the child enjoys…my oldest loves the Star Wars & the Outdoors, my middle child likes Wonderland & Horses… but the littlest one didn’t seem to have anything that she really gravitated towards.

It’s Some Bunny’s Birthday: A Bunny Birthday Party

I decided to go with a Honeybee theme (It’s R’s Bee-Day). The party was all planned out and then this little girl was introduced to our rabbits.


We cancelled the bee theme and quickly changed everything to fit this new-found love of hers. The Bunny Birthday Party went off without a hitch and R was so happy to show our rabbits to her friends (and eat cake)!

Little girl looking at a rabbit in a cage | 10+ of the Best Bunny Birthday Party Activities & Food

Is it time to plan a party for your little bunny?

Bunny Birthday Party Ideas

All of the ideas and printables that we used are compiled into this post so that you have access to everything you need! Happy planning!!

 1. Play Dough Favors

We made edible play dough “carrots” for the guests to take home. Most of the kids were between the ages of 1 and 3 store-bought play dough would not have been a great option here. Follow this link for the recipe that I used… Mix yellow & red food coloring until you reach the color that you like. Roll the dough into a carrot shape, place into a cellophane bag, and tie with green party ribbon!

 Carrot Play Dough | Faithful Farmwife

2. Bunny Treats

These treats were made for our baby bunnies. We mixed Orchard Grass Hay, bananas, and carrots in the blender. The mixture was flattened out on a baking sheet with parchment paper and baked at 350 degrees F until hardened enough to cut into squares.

If you don’t have real rabbits, then you could always make treats like this for the kids with bananas and other fruits…just leave out the grass/hay 🙂

Birthday Bunny Treats | Faithful Farmwife

3. Bunny Headband & Romper

I LOVE this cute outfit to go with the bunny birthday party theme. We already had this little bunny romper and I purchased the headband on Etsy.

DIY Water Table | Faithful Farmwife

4. Hoppy Birthday Banner

Guests are welcomed to all of our birthday parties with a themed banner hanging in the doorway. I make these banners myself in Canva. If you don’t like the idea of making your own, you can purchase one in my Etsy shop (I can do custom themes)!

Bunny Birthday Party Banner | Faithful Farmwife

5. Carrot Garden Cake

I have learned my lesson on making my own birthday cakes….

That lesson is simply–> Don’t do it, Jessica!

If you are a great baker, then go for it! But goodness, I can’t get a cake to taste right for the life of me! Our bunny cake was made by a local bakery, Sweet Jewels. They make all of our cakes now and we are always impressed!

Bunny Birthday Party Cake | Faithful Farmwife

6. Pink Bunny Smash Cake

Sweet Jewels Bakery also made a pink smash cake for R’s bunny birthday party.

Bunny Birthday Smash Cake | Faithful Farmwife

Obviously R LOVED it!!

**I understand that this photo is blurry…Mama was laughing while snapping pictures… my bad ;)**

Bunny Birthday Smash Cake | Faithful Farmwife

7. “Carrot Juice” Punch & Bunny Tail Cups

I wanted an orange punch that would look like Carrot juice without tasting like carrot juice… My solution–> 1 container of orange sherbet & 2- 2 liter bottles of 7-UP.

Cotton balls were hot glued to our pink disposable cups to mimic bunny tails…soooo cute!"Carrot" juice punch | Faithful Farmwife

8. Garden Veggies

A Bunny Birthday Party requires rabbit food, right? I couldn’t find carrots with the green tops at our local supermarket so I bought parsley to give the “fresh from the garden” look.Bunny Birthday Party Garden Veggies | Faithful Farmwife

9. Bunny Tails

The most simple snack ever! Marshmallows as bunny tails! I had hoped to make homemade marshmallows, but mama can’t do everything so we bought a couple bags of the Jumbo Mallows at the store 🙂

Bunny Tails | Faithful Farmwife

10. Bunny Birthday Printables

Matching printables always tie these parties together. I LOVE making the invitations, banners, food labels, thank you cards, favor bag labels, and whatever else we need. You can get these same printables for your party OR you can request a custom theme here!

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