53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources

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53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. It seems like my kids have been singing this sweet little tune every day for months now! The rain started in our part of the world and it just hasn’t let up. Instead of dwelling on the dreary, we decided to look forward to the new growth and the beautiful rainbows that will result from the weeks of downpour. In March, we will focus our homeschool to a rainbow unit study to help the kids understand rainbow color sequencing, primary colors, color mixing, and how rainbows form!

Rainbow Unit Study Resources + Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to composing a Rainbow Unit Study and that can be a bit overwhelming SO I put together this list of my FAVORITE rainbow-themed toys, games, crafts, activities, books, printables, videos, and ideas just for you!

Teach Art, Math, Science, Writing, and More with a Rainbow Unit Study

You aren’t limited to only teaching colors an light when you study the rainbow. Here are a few ideas of how to teach multiple subjects with a central rainbow theme! Keep scrolling to the next section for links to more projects and additional rainbow unit study resources.

Teach Art by:

  • Painting, drawing, or coloring a rainbow
  • Making 3D Rainbow Art
  • Building a rainbow with modeling clay or play dough
  • Creating rainbow paper crafts
  • Making rainbow shaving cream art

Teach Math by:

  • Counting and sorting rainbow colored beads
  • Working on rainbow math printable sheets
  • Making a rainbow “Bonds to Ten” craft

Teach Science by:

Teach Writing by:

Teach Reading by: 

  • Find colorful books at your local library for your rainbow unit study. You can also purchase books from Amazon or Usborne to teach your child more about the colors of the rainbow. My FAVORITE is the Big Book of Colors.

Build Fine Motor Skills by:

  • Using a rainbow stacking toy to help your child learn size comparisons (larger, smaller, etc) and to increase find motor skills.
  • Using rainbow sorting toys
  • Threading rainbow colored pasta
  • Making a rainbow salt tray

Rainbow Unit Study Toys

Wooden Rainbow StackerGrimm’s Rainbow Stacker is the overall favorite, but we ordered a handmade wooden rainbow stacker from a lovely little Etsy shop called Woodpecker for Kids:):)

Grimm's Rainbow | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Acrylic Prisms– You can use glass prisms as well and they may actually work a little better , but I like to use acrylic prisms to avoid the risk of them shattering in the hands of toddlers and preschoolers.

Rainbow Prism | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Stacking Boxes– The kids love stacking and nesting these rainbow colored boxes!

Rainbow Stacking Blocks | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Magnets– My kiddos would not put these rainbow magnets down during our rainbow unit study…as you can see, the red one is missing in this photo because my daughter wouldn’t give it back to mommy 🙂 I cut up some primary color pipe cleaners and placed them in the jelly jar beside the magnets. The kids can use the magnets to move the pipe cleaners up and down the jar.

Rainbow Magnets | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Ribbons– Your kids can dance and spin with these rainbow colored ribbons and you can create a color matching game for them as they play.

Rainbow Ribbons | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Grimm’s Rainbow Sorting Bowls– I love wooden toys. They are so much more durable than plastic…especially with my wild children! This wooden sorting bowl set will help your kids learn their colors while working on fine motor skills.

Rainbow Unit Study Games

Color Wheel Bingo– This is a simple and beautiful game that teaches children primary colors and common objects & animals. The game includes Bingo boards, punch out objects with a specific color (ex. yellow duck), and a color spinner.

Color Wheel Bingo | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones Game

Rainbow Color Cones Game | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

ColorKu– This game is similar to Sudoku, but it uses colors instead of numbers to solve the puzzles.

ColorKu | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Pengoloo Wooden Memory Color Recognition Game

Memory Color Game | 53+ of the Best Rainbow Unit Study Resources | Faithful Farmwife

Learning Resources Color Cubed Strategy Game-This game helps kids strengthen their spatial and strategic thinking skills by matching color and position of each cube.

Color Cubed | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Crafts & Activities

Rainbow Crystals– Grow your own rainbow colored crystals with this fun projects!

Rainbow Sensory Bin– Use small colorful toys and objects for a sensory bin. We used dyed rice to make our sensory bin during our rainbow unit study.

Rainbow Rice | Faithful Farmwife

Walking Rainbow Water– This is a neat activity that will teach your kids about capillary action and about rainbow colors at the same time!

Homemade Spectroscope– Make a spectroscope out of household items so your kids can have their own personal “rainbow maker”!

Exploring Prisms– My kids LOVE playing with their acrylic prisms. They have  learned how to hold the prisms perfectly to create a rainbow. See the link for more prism activities.

Rainbow Books

Big Book of Colors– This book is ah-ma-zing! It has a moveable color wheel in the front, primary and interesting color shades on each page, and a color mixing activity in the back.

Usborne Big Book of Colors | Faithful Farmwife

The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow (Weather Ready-to-Reads)

A Rainbow of My Own

Lift-The-Flap Colors

Very First Colors

Rainbow Printables

FREE Rainbow Printable | Faithful Farmwife

Colors of the Rainbow Printable– I created this rainbow printable for children to use during a rainbow unit study as a visual reminder of the acronym ROYGBIV to help them memorize the sequence of rainbow colors. 

Color Wheel Printable– I printed this one and placed it in a picture frame to hang above our rainbow shelf.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Printable– This print is also hanging above our rainbow shelf.

Rainbow Color by Number– This sheet is kept in a tray with rainbow colored pencils.

Rainbow Color by Number | Faithful Farmwife

English & Spanish Colors Printable– more colors are included in this printable, but I chose to only cut & laminate the colors of the rainbow. I punched holes in the top & bottom and ran twine through each one to create a hanging color card section beside our rainbow shelf.

English/Spanish Rainbow Cards | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Do-A-Dot Sheets

Rainbow Do-A-Dot Sheet | Faithful Farmwife

Rainbow Videos

The Science of Light and Color for Kids: Rainbows and the Electromagnetic Spectrum – FreeSchool

Light: Crash Course Astronomy

How is a Rainbow Formed- Peekaboo Kids

How to Draw a Rainbow Coloring Pages | Art Colours for Children


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