The Best Shower Head: Aroma Sense Shower Head

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The Best Shower Head: Aroma Sense Shower Head | Faithful Farmwife

I received one Aroma Sense Aromatherapy Shower Head with Vitamin C for review purposes. All opinions stated here are my own. 

I have always wanted a spa in my house, but I can’t seem to get the husband to agree to shell out the cash for it so I have had to look for alternatives to a full spa ;). Imagine my delight when I found this Aromatherapy Shower Head that transforms my bathroom every time I turn it on!

Aroma Sense Aromatherapy Vitamin C Shower Head Review

The installation was very simple…The hardest part was taking off the old shower head. Just put the pieces together as shown here and attach it to the shower.

My old shower head was stashed away just in case I didn’t care for this one, but I can safely toss the old one in the trash now because I LOVE the Aroma Sense Shower Head!

Morning is definitely not my favorite time of the day, but the burst of energy from the Vitamin C cartridge has really helped to get me going (even before my coffee) each morning!

Just turn the shower on for a few minutes before getting in & the mix of steam and citrus makes your bathroom feel like you have stepped straight into your favorite spa. I even run the shower head before taking  a bubble bath so I can have the spa experience then as well!

The increased water pressure is probably my favorite feature. The pressure created by the triangular spray holes in this shower head do not disappoint this water pressure snob;)!

The Household Management Notebook | The Best Shower Head: Aroma Sense Shower Head | Faithful Farmwife

Benefits of the Aroma Sense Shower Head

Vitamin C Aromatherapy Cartridges

You can purchase aromatherapy cartridges for this shower head in 5 different scents that each have their own unique benefits. Be sure to purchase the correct cartridge for your model (wall mount or handheld).

  • Lemon-skin detoxification, stress relief, and alertness & concentration improvement
  • Citrus Mango– Skin moisturizing, anti-aging, immunity boosting
  • Eucalyptus– Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, and decongestant
  • Lavender– enhanced sleep & calms anxiety
  • Jasmine– Skin moisturizing, sleep aid, aphrodisiac…can also help eliminate snoring!

The Vitamin C Cartridges work to neutralize chlorine which helps to keep your skin & hair from drying out. This cartridge should last 90 days in the wall-mounted model that I am using or 45 days in the handheld model.

Micro Fabric Filtration

The micro fabric filter keeps unwanted particles (rust from pipes, etc.) from getting through to your skin & hair. You can wash this filter as needed, but it needs to be replaced when you replace the Vitamin C Cartridge.

Water Pressure Boost

Water pressure is increased from a normal stream height of 0.8 meters to a stream height of 2.5 meters with this shower head! Because of that, it definitely gives you the “spa/waterfall in my house” feeling. I would recommend this shower head even if this were the only benefit!

Negative Ions

This shower head produces 4x the amount of negative ions as a normal shower head! Negative ions are proven to balance pH, relieve stress, aid breathing, and increase blood flow.

The Best Shower Head: Aroma Sense Shower Head | Faithful Farmwife

Purchase an Aroma Sense Shower Head for Your Home!

Purchase the Wall Mount or the Handheld!

Be sure to check out the Aroma Sense Website and follow them on social media!







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  1. This looks amazing! I’d love to win it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

  2. I have to say I’m most intrigued by the Vitamin C Aromatherapy Cartridges! I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it and I must say I’m quite curious and wanting to give it a try!

  3. Hey Jess,

    Aromatherapy shower heads are amazing! I didn’t know as much about them until I read your post.

    I also wanted to mention that there are some images on your page that are not displaying correctly.

    Maybe it’s nothing but I’d thought I would let you know 🙂

    Thanks for your post,


  4. Great Reviews…! This is a very helpful post for me. I know informative information here. I can’t wait to buy this filter. I am full of inspiring now. Have a great giveaway. Thanks for sharing your post.

  5. I’d love to try this shower head out. I normally want my water fresh and without “flavors”, but you definitely got me interested on this one. Thanks for sharing.

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