Math-U-See Review: The Best Math Curriculum

Math-U-See Review: The Best Math Curriculum | Faithful Farmwife

Use this Math-U-See Review to decide if this math curriculum is right for your homeschool!

Q1 (my 8 year old) started using Math-U-See in 2nd grade. Beta (Multiple Digit Addition & Subtraction) was our starting point and we are now working through Delta (Division & Fractions). Math-U-See has proven itself in our home as a fun & efficient way for students to master math concepts without becoming bored, overwhelmed, or burned out. This Math-U-See review will give you an idea of what this curriculum is all about.

Honest Math-U-See Review

Math-U-See works great for our family for many reasons. The program has a multi-sensory approach, unique learning techniques, logical sequence layout, comprehensive review, and focuses on mastery (quality) not quantity.

Why We Love Math-U-See

#1 It is a multi-sensory curriculum.

Math-U-See comes with a teacher manual, instructional DVD, manipulative blocks, and a workbook. The manipulative blocks offer hands on practice to help your child visualize the problems that he or she is working to solve. My son does really well just watching the video for his lesson and then doing his worksheets. Once Mr. Demme presents a new concept on the DVD, I  rarely have to expand upon it.. However, each child is different and many do better with more parental instruction. The teacher manual is loaded with instruction tips, examples, and answer keys so you aren’t on your own to teach concepts that you are rusty on.

#2 It offers unique learning techniques.

Demme has a unique way of teaching mathematics. He tries to teach outside the box. Students can see that problems can be solved in more than one way with this approach. Parents are able to use the unique technique offered by Mr. Demme (such as his multiple-digit multiplication technique) or they can use the traditional technique. It all depends on what works best for each individual child.

#4 It is presented in a logical sequence.

Math-U-See presents each concept in a sequence that allows the student to take a basic concept and build onto it. Each level begins with a general review of the previous level. The new concept is gently introduced and a new “building block” is added with each lesson.

#4 It includes a comprehensive review in each lesson.

Math-U-See is a great program if you are looking for concept mastery. Each lesson builds on the last (as mentioned in #3) and contains review sheets. There is a lesson review sheet and a cumulative review sheet so the student keeps each concept fresh in his or her mind.

#5 It is based on Quality (Mastery) Over Quantity

Teachers are pressured by some curriculum choices to move quickly through lessons to ensure that everything is covered by the year’s end. This is especially true if you have a set number of days that you must school each year (180 here). That is not the case with Math-U-See. There are 30 lessons and you can spend as little or as much time on each as needed. In Beta & Gamma we were able to complete 2 lessons per week so we finished an entire level in one semester. We have slowed it down in Delta to 1 lesson per week so this one will stretch through the full year.

If you would like to check out this curriculum for yourself you can visit their site and you can order from the site or on Amazon!


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  1. I have read so many great reviews about Math-U-See and would love to utilize this program with my seven year old! Definitely something to save up for.

  2. This is our first year of using Math-U-See and we absolutely love it. I started on Beta and we can do 1-2 lessons a week also.

  3. I’ve never used this curriculum. My oldest is 5 and I was planning on purchasing it for first grade next year. All the moms in my homeschool co-op rave about Math-U-See.

  4. We use Math U See and I love it because I find it difficult it explain math concepts. So Mr. Demme takes that off my shoulders!

  5. We started using MUS Primer with our 5 year old and can’t believe how smoothly it is going! She truly enjoys the ability to learn in a hands-on way.

  6. I have never used Math U see, but have heard great things about it by the same folks who recommended a program for spelling and reading for dyslexics. I am always on the lookout for different methods to teach a concept. 🙂

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