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Is dinnertime in your home filled with chaos and stress?

Do you find yourself feeding your family quick, boxed, processed meals each night due to a lack of time & energy?

Dinnertime can be pretty stressful for mamas… Trying to cook with little ones running around PLUS knowing that you will have to cleanup the kitchen every time you cook.

Crockpot and freezer meals are necessities for most busy mamas these days.

They make it possible for our families to eat healthy meals without spending 30 minutes-2 hours per day prepping the food.

I like to take a couple hours one or two days per month to make up a batch of freezer meals that can go straight to the crockpot from the freezer.

You have tried prepping freezer meals before, but it just didn’t work out.

Maybe you didn’t have good recipes or maybe you didn’t have the time to put together a grocery list for so many recipes at once.


I tried cooking night by night AND I tried making freezer meals without a solid plan.

I almost gave up and went back to Mcdonalds and pizza nights so I could enjoy my kiddos instead of stressing.

Once I took the time to create a specific set of recipes with their grocery lists, I was golden! I could simply buy what’s on the list, prep it all in a few hours, and have weeks worth of dinners ready to go!

That’s why I’m SO excited to share this ebook with you!!

I want YOU to find the same success in prepping freezer meals that I did!

To get you started with that, allow me to introduce The Freezer Meal Recipe Pack with twenty-four of my favorite freezer to crockpot meals plus their categorized grocery lists!

The Simple Freezer Meal Recipe Pack

This Freezer Meal Recipe pack will provide you with 24 simple recipes that you can prep for your family in just a few hours! It also includes the grocery lists for each category so you can shop without struggle!

With this Freezer Meal Recipes Pack you will:

Here is EXACTLY What You Will Find Inside The Freezer Meals Recipe Pack:

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You will find 24 recipes categorized by type: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Bread, Soup, Pasta, and Breakfast. You will also find a detailed grocery list for each category.


Meatloaf is great because you can follow a recipe or add in whatever you have sitting in your fridge. Mix and match different veggies and spices if you don’t have the ingredients listed in a recipe and you have to make something in a pinch. If you are planning your meals ahead of time (which I am guessing you are since you are reading this post), then you can follow my recipe and have a couple yummy loaves ready to go!

The only prep required for these burgers is mixing the ingredients and forming the patties. Then you can put wax paper between each patty and freeze them in a freezer bag. Easy as pie.

I love making chili! It is such a simple comfort food to make and it can be made in bulk without much extra effort.

I grew up eating Manwich Sloppy Joes, but my taste buds have grown to prefer a homemade mix instead. I like to use about 3-5 pounds of ground beef at a time when making this recipe for the freezer because my family will eat a lot of these bad boys.

This is another simple meal that can be thrown together in bulk and served after being only thawed and reheated. No additional cooking is needed.


This is a great one pot meal. Prep the meat, vegges, and spices then toss it in a freezer bag. You can place it in the crock pot the morning of the day that you plan to eat it and enjoy 6-8 hours later!

This recipe gives your freezer to crock pot pork chops a yummy pineapple twist!

BBQ Ribs are my husband’s favorite!! Serve them with some slaw and baked beans for a full southern BBQ meal.

Add some Hidden Valley goodness to your pork chops with this recipe. Again, you just place the ingredients into a freezer bag and dump it all into the crock pot when you want to cook it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This is one of my favorite freezer meal recipes! Tender pork loin with parmesan cheese and honey fresh from our backyard apiary. Delicious!

I like to serve these Italian Meatballs sub-style with chips and veggies.


These are the BEST cheesy chicken enchiladas ever!

Fajita chicken is a simple meal that can feel like take-out. Serve it with your favorite toppings and sides. I really like to have salsa, avocado, cilantro, chopped onions, cheese, refried beans, black bean & corn salsa, and corn tortillas.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. That is what this recipe is. I serve our Italian Chicken with a salad and roasted red potatoes.

This chicken is perfect to throw in with a bowl of rice and broccoli for lunch or dinner.

When you pull this meal out of the freezer, you can throw it straight into the crock pot or the oven (I prefer oven for this one) and serve it with potato wedges and a salad.

This is a fun variation from your typical chili recipe. I love to have white chicken chili with rolls or corn bread and a salad.


This whole-kernel corn bread is ah-ma-zing with traditional chili & white chicken chili!

Keep a couple of loaves of homemade bread in the freezer so you don’t run out of the necessity that is pb&j!

Corn Chowder is my favorite soup. Top the chowder with a little cheese & bacon for an extra touch

My family loves lasagna, but it usually takes so long to prep so I make a few pans up in advance with no-boil noodles. Then all I have to do is toss it in the oven and eat it all up!


These are great to keep on hand for quick on-the-go breakfast, crazy morning meals, and easy lunches.

Mornings around here are intense so having homemade sausage & biscuits ready-to-go in the freezer really helps this mama out.

My kids love pancakes, but I don’t like paying for a box of pancakes that will last one day when I can make triple that amount for the same price. Again, out house is crazy in the mornings so these have to be made and frozen in advance. They can be pulled out of the freezer and popped in the oven or the microwave if you have one (we ditched ours a while back so oven it is!).

Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

Currently, no… But I am working on some possible solutions for that 🙂

All you need to do is print out the sheets (one-sided OR front-and-back), hole punch them (or use sheet protectors), and stick them in a binder!

Don’t let dinnertime continue to stress you out!

Start prepping your dinners ahead of time today with this Freezer Meal Recipe Pack!

Who Am I to Talk to You About Meal Prepping?

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I once hated dinnertime.

I LOVED cooking for my family, but I hated the chaos of trying to cook, cleanup, feed everyone, and enjoy time with them all within a couple of hours each night.

When I took the time to look at WHY I dinnertime felt so chaotic, I came up with a solution in the form of freezer meals.

Sure, this solution sometimes still includes pizza nights, BUT most nights we still each home cooked from-scratch meals without the stress!

A Little Recap…

The Freezer Meal Recipe Pack is PERFECT for the mama (or dad) who loves to serve home cooked meals, but also wants to enjoy their evenings with the families instead of cooking and cleaning the night away.

With the purchase of The Simple Freezer Meal Recipe Pack you will receive:

It’s time to stop dreading dinnertime!

Grab this recipe book + start enjoying evening with your family again!

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