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Growing a productive garden takes time & planning.

This garden planner is perfect for planning your garden, tracking your seasonal produce yields, keeping track of your seed inventory, and referencing quality info about your USDA hardiness zone and simple composting for your garden!

You will have the option upon checkout to choose the landscape or portrait layout.

The binder spine is also included in the download.

Garden planning is more important than you may think.

If you just throw seeds and transplants out and pray for the best, you might be able to enjoy a small harvest… BUT with a little planning, you can maximize that harvest for your family. If you want to sell produce, planning is a must!

For YEARS, I gardened without planning or record keeping properly and I spent SO MUCH money, time, and energy to receive very little in return.

My “black thumb” became a running joke in our family UNTIL I learned to plan and keep records well.

Once I dug my heels in, my garden’s productivity took off and my family never made fun of my growing skills again. I call that a win, friend!

That’s why I’m SO excited about the resource I am about to share with you!!

I want YOU to find the same success through planning that I did!

To get you started with that, allow me to introduce The Homestead Garden Planner, the all-in-one garden planning pack for homesteaders!

Jessica Quinn | Mama on the Homestead

The Homestead Garden Planner

The HGP is the perfect tool for planning your garden, tracking seasonal produce yields, keeping track of your seed inventory, referencing quality info about your USDA hardiness zone, simple composting for your garden, companion planting, and more!

With The Homestead Garden Planner, you will:

  • Design Your Garden’s Layout
  • Record Your Sowing Dates & Harvest Yields
  • Keep Track of Your Seed Inventory
  • Manage Garden Expenses
  • and SO Much More
  • PLUS At-A-Glance Guides for:
  • USDA Hardiness Zones
  • Companion Planting
  • Composting

Here is EXACTLY What You Will Find Inside The Homestead Garden Planner:

*This product is PDF only.

  • Monthly Calendar (undated)
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Guide– Check this color-coded map to see what gardening zone you live in. Different zones call for different growing requirements so this is important.
  • Seed InventoryKeep track of the seeds that you have on hand so you don’t over or under the order. if you are low on a certain seed type, put a checkmark in the “Restock” column.
  • Garden Planning Grid– The Garden Planning Grid is the perfect tool to help you plan and draw your garden’s layout. This is useful to determine proper spacing and for companion planting.
  • Square Foot Garden Grid If you are using the square foot gardening method, you can plan your garden using this grid.
  • Soil Tests Track the results from your seasonal soil tests and the recommended soil amendments to see how your soil improves each year.
  • Soil Amendments When you amend your garden soil, record what you used, the amount, the method used, and the date.
  • Pests & Disease Report Record any pests and disease issues and their treatments on this record sheet.
  • Fertilization Log Use this sheet to track garden fertilizer use from season to season.
  • Indoor Starting ScheduleUse this sheet to track the seeds you start indoors from start to germination to transplanting.
  • Direct Sowing Schedule Seeds sown directly into the soil outside can be tracked on this sheet from planting to harvest.
  • Transplant Schedule Keep track of your transplants with this handy sheet. Each time you transplant, record it here to help track the plant’s growth.
  • Harvest Log Enter your harvest yields by variety on the harvest log.
  • Weather Tracker You can enter daily or weekly temperature, wind, precipitation, and humidity for your garden area here.
  • Garden Budget Set a realistic monthly budget for each gardening expense category.
  • Garden ExpensesTrack your garden-related purchases on this sheet to make sure you stay within budget.
  • Garden Projects Keep your running list of garden projects and their estimated completion dates on this sheet.
  • Garden Wish List Do you have items that you want or need for your garden? List them here.
  • Daily Tasks Tasks that need to be completed every day (i.e. watering) should be listed and prioritized here.
  • Weekly Tasks Tasks that need to be completed once/week can go on this sheet along with the day that you want that task to be completed on.
  • Seasonal Tasks Tasks that need to be completed during certain seasons only can be listed under their respective season on this sheet.
  • Companion Planting Guide Wondering what plants grow the best beside each other? Need to know what plants should not be planted together? This companion planting guide will show you what you need to know! 
  • Garden Compost Guide The Garden Compost Guide is a general visual guideline of what you should & should not compost for your garden.

What are People Saying About The Homestead Garden Planner?


Everything you need. I especially love the USA Garden Zoning Map with temps as I’m moving to the States and this is something I’ve been worried about getting my head around!
Kayleigh Dunne
Etsy Customer


Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

All you need to do is print out the sheets (one-sided OR front-and-back), hole punch them (or use sheet protectors), and stick them in a binder! You can even laminate the sheets and use a dry-erase marker if you wish.

I do not have an editable PDF, but I do have The Homestead Management Planner in spreadsheet version! Check that out here.

I do not have options for hard copies at the moment.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds on any digital products.

Don’t let another season coast by without intentional planning!

Start planning and recording TODAY to see growth and improvement in your garden yields from season to season.

Who Am I to Talk to You About Garden Planning?

Jessica Quinn | Mama on the Homestead

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I was once a failing gardener.

I referred to myself as having a “black thumb” and my husband made fun of me for killing everything that I tried to grow.

When I took the time to look at WHY I was failing, I realized that the issue was in my lack of planning.

I threw seeds or transplants out all willy-nilly with no real rhyme or reason.

Keeping track of the garden’s productivity or issues like disease or pests didn’t even cross my mind. I would always quit and “try again next year”.

I FINALLY got sick and tired of wasting my money and time on plants that would die before producing anything edible. That’s when I created my Homestead Garden Planner. I have updated and improved the planner over the years and I LOVE that I now get to share it with you!

A Little Recap…

The Homestead Garden Planner is PERFECT for the homesteader/gardener who loves pen + paper record keeping, wants to take control of the garden, and wants to increase productivity year after year!

The Homestead Garden Planner | Mama on the Homestead

With the purchase of The Homestead Garden Planner, you will receive:

  • The USDA Hardiness Zone Guide
  • The Seed Inventory Log
  • The Garden Planning Grid
  • The Square Foot Garden Grid
  • The Soil Tests Log
  • The Soil Amendment Log
  • The Pests & Disease Report
  • The Fertilization Log
  • The Indoor Starting Schedule
  • The Direct Sowing Schedule
  • The Transplant Schedule
  • The Harvest Log
  • The Weather Tracker
  • The Garden Budget
  • The Garden Expense Tracker
  • The Garden Projects List
  • The Garden Wish List
  • The Daily Tasks Sheet
  • The Weekly Tasks Sheet
  • The Seasonal Tasks Sheet
  • The Companion Planting Guide
  • The Garden Compost Guide

It’s time to stop wasting your money & efforts gardening unintentionally.

Grab this planner + start planning your most productive garden yet!

*Do not duplicate or resell.

*This product is PDF only.

*Refunds cannot be issued for digital products.

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