How to Set Realistic & Attainable Goals for Moms

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Sharing my goals and resources to set attainable goals for moms.

Whether you are a Stay at Home Mom, a Work at Home Mom, a Homeschooling Mom, a Homesteading Mom, a Work-Outside-of-the-Home Mom, or any other kind of mom, goal setting is a must for productivity and growth.

The goal setting process that I use includes a monthly breakdown as well as a category breakdown. The categories that I use are: Home, Farm, Finances, Family, Faith, and School. I brainstorm goals that I want to reach in each of those categories and I jot them down under an estimated completion month.

Setting Attainable & Actionable Goals for Moms

My Family’s Goals

Here are the goals that we have set this year for our farm, home, finances, family, faith, and school…

Farm Goals

Before starting a homestead or a farm, you should set some clear goals. These goals will shift over time, but it is important to have something to aim for. Even if you already have a homestead, you should set new goals periodically to help you grow.

At the time of publishing this post our little farm has a small dairy goat herd, meat rabbits, honeybees, a bred heifer, a few horses, the beginnings of a Back to Eden garden, and a stocked pond. There are some changes that we want to make to focus our efforts and become more productive.

  • Add 2-3 more bred cows + a steer to our cattle herd by August.
  • Sell the remainder of our goat herd. Use the money toward cattle.
  • Finish Prepping the Back to Eden Garden with wood chips and compost.
  • Purchase one Berkshire show pig for our oldest child.
  • Focus on growing tomatoes for canning.
  • Add at least 2 beehives to our apiary.
  • Grow out all of the rabbits for processing.
  • Sell digital products on Etsy & physical products at local markets.
  • Extract Honey from our apiary’s hives and sell it to local families and businesses.

Home Goals

We have made huge strides in our household functionality over the past two years, but I still have a little way to go before our home is where I want it to be.

  • Stockpile our pantry with staples that we use frequently and canned produce.
  • Can more produce (especially tomatoes) for next year.
  • Minimize and Declutter each room in our house.
  • Reevaluate the functionality of each room in our home.
  • Replace wasteful household products with eco-friendly options and reduce our paper waste.

Financial Goals

We are a one-income family while I stay home and homeschool the children. This blog brings in a little supplemental income, but not anything significant so we have to budget and plan our finances in order to stay on track.

  • Complete at least two “no spend” months and save as much as possible.
  • Become debt free except for our mortgage. Take on a part-time job to expedite this process. Short-term sacrifice = long-term financial security.
  • Build a larger emergency fund.
  • Start a vacation fund for yearly vacations.
  • Expand our home businesses and increase our household income.
  • Start using our cash-envelope system again.
  • Get back to using multiple rebate apps when shopping.

Family Goals

Our family has three young children and a very busy schedule so making goals for family time and reaching milestones is pretty important to us.

  • Wean the baby and get her sleeping through the night.
  • Set clear chores for the kids.
  • Get out of the house more often and build friendships.
  • Move the toddler to her own bed at night.
  • Camp and Trail Ride as a family on a regular basis.
  • Meal Plan to save time and eat healthier.

Faith Goals

Our faith is the most important thing to our family, but if we aren’t careful it can be pushed to the back burner as we busy ourselves with daily life so we set goals for this area as well.

  • Become consistent with morning devotionals & bedtime prayers by myself and with the children.
  • Read Scripture daily as a couple (I am almost ashamed to say that we have let life get in the way of this) and pray together more.
  • Share my faith boldly with people that I interact with daily.
  • Practice grace, forgiveness, and patience with my children in the way that God gives these things to His children, myself included.

Homeschool Goals

We are very relaxed homeschoolers, but we still need some written goals and guidelines to keep us from losing track of where we want to be.

  • Simplify!
  • Switch to computer based curricula for most subjects during he Spring semester with my 9 year old son.
  • Start a loose preschool schedule with my 3 year old daughter.
  • Teach colors, body parts, animal sounds, and other basic information to my 1 year old daughter.
  • Set up a Montessori and STEM inspired classroom that works well for all of my kiddos from age 1-9.
  • Try out The Good & The Beautiful for a couple of subjects.

A Goal Setting Resource for You!

Goals don’t mean a whole lot if they aren’t realistic, attainable, and actionable. You need to use specific numbers and dates so that you can effectively reach the goals that you set out to accomplish. However, setting specific goals for moms can be a little overwhelming since mothers already have so much on their plates.

This is where my goal setting worksheets come in to play. Dump all of your goals (long-term and short-term) onto the free brain dump sheet- download it by filling out the form below- and then use the Homestead Goal and Project Planner to prioritize and realize these goals.

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  2. Great post for the busy mom. Actually, goal setting is so much an important task for anyone. I also love to plan everything before doing any task. And definitely, I agree with your post. Thanks for sharing!

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