Building a homestead from scratch can be a little overwhelming.

The Homestead Goal + Project Planner is a clear-cut goal-setting printable worksheet pack for homesteaders just like you!

You will have the option upon checkout to choose the landscape or portrait layout and you can choose between full-color graphics and light graphics (if you want to save on ink).

The binder spine is also included in the download.

Setting goals is more important than you may think…

If you jump into this journey without a solid plan, then you are bound to flail around grasping for any sense of productivity and improvement… but you will rarely find what you are looking for.

We had our homestead for YEARS before we started setting goals and creating action steps to help me reach them.

I would start projects with high hopes and enthusiasm only to quit before I could reap any benefits because I had no focus to keep my eyes on. Basically, I was “grasping at the wind”.

Once I dug my heels in, and set solid goals my homestead started to take shape! I now know exactly what I want from my homestead and what I can realistically expect to accomplish within the year.

That’s why I’m SO excited about the resource I am about to share with you!!

I want YOU to find the same success through planning that I did!

The Homestead Goal + Project Planner

With this Goal + Project Planner, you will:

  • Set Seasonal and Monthly Goals
  • Keep track of running projects and a to-do list
  • Write down your homestead’s weekly tasks
  • Set measurable and actionable goals for the first 5 years (and beyond)
  • and more!

Here is EXACTLY what you will Find inside The Homestead Goal + Project Planner

*This product is PDF only.

  • Seasonal Homestead Goals- List each of the goals & projects that you want to accomplish on your homestead during each season of the year.
  • Monthly Homestead Goals- List each of the goals & projects that you want to accomplish on your homestead during each month of the year.
  • Running Projects- Keep track of your running projects on this sheet so that you don’t let any fall to the wayside.
  • Homestead To-Dos- Anything that needs to be done on or around your homestead can be listed here. You can fill out the other goal & project sheets from this list.
  • Daily TasksWrite down each of the homestead tasks that need to be completed each day.
  • Weekly Tasks- Write down each of the homestead tasks that need to be done on specific days of each week.
  • Homestead Goal Brain Dump- Jot down any and every goal that you can think of for your homestead.
  • 1, 3, 5 Year Homestead Plans- Prioritize, set deadlines for, and take action on the most important homestead goals for each step of your homestead journey. There is also an un-numbered option if your are already past the 5 year mark.
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Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

All you need to do is print out the sheets (one-sided OR front-and-back), hole punch them (or use sheet protectors), and stick them in a binder! You can even laminate the sheets and use a dry erase marker if you wish.

I do not have options for hard copies at the moment.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds on any digital products.

Why waste more time without a solid homestead plan??

Start setting goals and tracking your homestead progress today!

Who Am I to Talk to You About Homestead Planning?

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I was once a homesteader with dreams, but no clear vision.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I had NO CLUE how to get there!

When I took the time to dig deep into my homestead hopes, I realized that I needed to WRITE DOWN specific goals and lay out ACTIONABLE steps to get me there.

That’s when I created my Homestead Goal + Project Planner. I have updated and improved this planner over the years as my homestead has evolved and I LOVE that I now get to share it with you!

A Little Recap…

The Homestead Goal + Project Planner is PERFECT for the homesteader who loves pen + paper record keeping and wants to take control of his or her homestead progress!

With the purchase of The Homestead Goal + Project Planner, you will receive:

  • The Seasonal Goals Sheet
  • The Monthly Goals Sheet
  • The Running Project Log
  • The Homestead To-Do Checklist
  • The Daily Task Sheet
  • The Weekly Task Sheet
  • The Homestead Goals Brain Dump Sheet
  • The 1,3,5 Year Homestead Plans

Goal setting can make a HUGE difference on your homestead!

Get this Goal + Project Planner and get started today!

*Do not duplicate or resell.

*This product is PDF only.

*Refunds cannot be issued for digital products.

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