How to Create an Organized Family Command Center

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How to Create an Organized Family Command Center | Faithful Farmwife

Paper piles, missed appointments, lists scattered all over the house, “forgotten” kids’ chores….any of this sound familiar to you? I was so overwhelmed with the clutter & chaos in my house that I was going a little crazy. My home needed a sustainable solution to these issues so I hit up Pinterest until I found what I was looking for… a family command center.

A family command center is a designated spot in your home where you can keep important lists, notes, mail, dates, etc. This stops clutter from taking over your home & it helps to keep your mind from exploding with the overwhelming amount of things that you have to remember to accomplish each day.

Creating A Family Command Center in Your Home

Make It Your Own

Assess your home & figure out what you need to include in your command center. Find a spot in your home that is easily accessible to all family members (maybe the kitchen?). Think of quotes, verses, or anything else that inspires & encourages you.

Personalize & customize your command center to fix your home’s organizational problem areas. Make sure that you add some encouragement & inspiration to your center as well. Mamas need pick-me-ups throughout the day & this will definitely help!

When you finish your family command center, post a photo in the comments or on the Faithful Farmwife Facebook page to show it off!

Components of Our Family Command Center


A dry erase calendar is a life saver for busy moms like us! Keep all of your appointments, field trips, meetings, & other important dates here so you and your family have easy access to the schedule.

Mission Statement

Our family created a mission statement to help keep our purpose in view. This helps to combat the mundane everyday tasks that can push you into an emotional & spiritual rut.

To Do Lists/Routines

Lists & Routines are vital to my our family command center. If I don’t have a list of what I am supposed to do during the day, then I spend the entire day trying to figure out what to do (even if the sink is full of dishes and the laundry baskets are full). My daily routine & weekly chores are placed in photo frames on the wall. I use dry erase markers to check off tasks as they are completed. My running project list it kept on the notes section of my calendar.

Mail Drop Box(inbox/outbox)

As I mentioned before, our home was drowning in piles of paper. Bills would be misplaced & junk mail covered our kitchen counter. Enter my pretty little Thirty One Oh-Snap Pocket. This pouch keeps the mail & important docs that my husband & I need to deal with. You can also add a second pouch for outgoing mail & papers.

Chore Charts

There is a chore chart for each child printed and placed in photo frames in our command center. As the kids complete their chores, they can mark them off with a dry erase marker.

Art Hub

The kids’ artwork is showcased with clothespins on a strand of twine. They LOVE to hang their drawings & paintings here. Happy kids + clutter free fridge= happy mama:)


We added a chalkboard to keep special quotes or verses on. I chose Romans 5:8 because it reminds us of the amazing, sacrificial, and unconditional love that Christ has for us.

Grocery List & Meal Plan

A running grocery list & meal plan help to keep my pantry stocked and my budget happy. These are kept on a cork board opposite the command center.

Marker Pocket

I made this little pocket out of some scrap fabric and I attached it to the wall using Command Strips .


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