Simple 3 Step Closet Clean Out

Simple 3 Step Closet Clean Out | Faithful Farmwife

Ready for a closet clean out?? Follow these three steps!

I hate looking through my closet full of clothes and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Each day I would try things on, see that they looked terrible me, throw them on the bed to soak them in tears, then I would hang those pieces back in my closet to repeat the tear soaking process on another day.

I finally got tired of this cycle so I took action with a closet clean out! The closets in my home are now decluttered, organized, and only contain pieces that bring joy to myself or my family.

Tips for Cleaning Out the Closet

Tip #1: Be willing to let go. 

Tip #2: Determine what you wear on a regular basis.

You can use the backward hanger trick for this. When you wear an item of clothing, hang it up backwards when you add it back to the closet.

Tip #3: Remember that you aren’t obligated to keep anything that doesn’t serve you.

The 3 Step Closet Clean Out

1) Separate Everything Into Piles

Piles are necessary in a when you clean out the closet. They allow you to see everything you have at a glance without feeling overwhelming.


I leave my clothes to keep hanging in the closet so they don’t add to the mess of piles already on the floor or bed.

Try on

If you aren’t sure if it still fits properly, then place it in the try on pile! This was my largest pile because I am growing a human and my body doesn’t fit into half of my closet now. When you have finished going through the closet, try each piece on and if you feel even just a little uncomfortable in it then throw it in the donate or sell pile. No need to have confidence stealing pieces in your home.


Have clothes hanging in your closet that you won’t wear until next season? During your closet clean out, move these pieces to storage in order to free up some space and hangers. 

Example–> I move my jackets and coats to an upstairs storage closet during the summer. I place my other winter clothing in bins in our attic.


It is always an awesome idea to give your unused clothing to people who need it. I donate clothes to a local thrift shop ministry and my shoes go either to that ministry or to an organization like Soles for Souls.


If you need a little extra cash, then you can try to sell some of the clothes that don’t have significant flaws. The best items in this pile go into a cleanout bag from ThredUp. Whatever is left gets sold in a spring or summer yard sale. The low prices on my items help some people out, I get to declutter, and a bit of green goes in my pocket. Items that don’t sell in the yard sale goes to the thrift store ministry.

**Tip** If you don’t love it or it isn’t a functional piece that you use, then chuck it! No questions. The goal in this closet clean out is to only keep items that Spark Joy in your heart and your home!

Don’t forget to go through your jewelry, leggings, swimsuits, and other accessories! This is a great time to turn old single socks into cleaning rags:)

2) Move ’em Out

You have gone through each item of clothing and decided what stays and what goes*high five*….but, now comes the tough part…you actually have to get it out of your house!

We donate some clothes up front, hold a yard sale or two, and then donate a second time what is left. Don’t keep these items too long after your closet clean out or you will end up moving some of them back to your main closets out of what I call “purgers regret”. Move them out as quickly as you can!

3) Organize What’s Left


I read through Mari Kondo’s book Spark Joy so all of my clothes that don’t hang up are folded using the Kon Mari method. This saves so much space! It also makes it possible for me to see everything that I have in each drawer. So much better than having them piled on top of each other.

Shoes and Jewelry

Shoes littering the closet floor weren’t cutting it anymore…So I researched shoe storage, then decided to purchase a 3-tiered shoe rack for my closet. It is simple and functional…just the way I like everything in my life to be.  

Who likes digging through a box trying to find matching earrings? Not this girl. My solution–> a pretty piece of fabric. I could probably find something a little nicer than pushpins to hold it up, but this is totally functional for now. Eventually, I might put a piece of fabric inside a frame using this same concept. **Overlook the missing earring…the toddler still gets in my closet every now and then. 🙂

This key rack was at at an antique store for about $8. It is perfect for hanging my necklaces and my bracelet basket!

Our “Afters”

Post closet clean out photos!!

The first two photos are of my 8 year old son’s closet. Yes, there are still some long sleeve shirts and a Stormtrooper winter hat, but he really likes to keep those out. Pick your battles, mom. The decal is located between his two closets… I just really wanted to share it. 🙂

Next, the toddler closet! The hanging organizer is packed a bit too heavy, but it holds up much better than the photo shows. I use a shoe rack that I found at a yard sale for her shoes, socks, and tights. I also have a white basket for her blankets. Onesies, hats, shorts, sweat/jogging pants, leggings, and pjs go into the hanging organizer. All of her folded items are also “Kon Mari-ed”

This closet used to be packed full of clothes and it wasn’t organized at all! I didn’t snag a good before picture…I probably would have been too embarrassed to share it if I did :/. Now I have drastically downsized clothing, shoes, and jewelry, added a shoe rack, jewelry organization, as well as baskets and small totes for undies, diaper changing storage, and swimsuits. My closet is soooo much more functional now and I love it!


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  1. We usually have big boxes of metal in our city where you can dump your used cloths & shoes, its later taken and given to people who really need it..!

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