It’s a Farmhouse Frenzy: The Magnolia Story Review

Are you a Fixer Upper fan? Check out this Magnolia Story review and then grab the book for yourself!

The Magnolia Story + the Farmhouse Frenzy

A Farmhouse style home can be found around just about every corner these days. Although a farmhouse decorated home isn’t for everyone, it does seem to be the popular kid in town. Why is America so crazy about a farmhouse? I have a few ideas…

What’s So Great About the Farmhouse Style?

 1. Timeless

The clean look of white shiplap, subway tile, and hardwood can be found throughout several different generations of homes. A big front porch, open kitchen area, and linen & lace will never go out of style.

 2. Nostalgic

A farmhouse setting can take you back to a simpler time… Think about sitting on the front porch swing listening to grandma & grandpa telling lively stories…

What about sliding down the hardwood hallway in your socks for fun in the evenings or listening to the sounds of nature as the sun set behind the house… This nostalgia is a huge part of the farmhouse charm and a huge inspiration for the authors of The Magnolia Story.

 3. Simple

The design in a modern farmhouse is simple, clutter-free, and functional. The lifestyle typically associated with a farmhouse is also simple and clutter-free. Slower-paced living focused on God & family is almost synonymous with the term “farmhouse”.

It's a Farmhouse Frenzy: The Magnolia Story Review | Faithful Farmwife

The Magnolia Story Review

When people watch Chip & Jo turning a junker house into a beautiful home (usually in a farmhouse theme) they fall head over boots for not only the home, but also for the positive and outgoing personalities of the Fixer Upper power couple.

I think that Chip and Joanna might be the #1 reason that the farmhouse frenzy exists. The Gaines’ live inspirational lives. They started from the bottom of the business ladder and they worked their way up with faith, ingenuity, and a lot of hard work. Their family always comes first and their love for Christ and others is contagious.

You can read about all of the messes that made them who they are and how they built their Magnolia businesses in The Magnolia Story. The book, written by Chip & Jo, makes it clear that Fixer Upper and the farmhouse style is about much more than shiplap, beadboard, subway tile, beams, and hardwood…It is about purposeful living, helping others, putting family first, and trusting in God to carry you through the high waters of life.

Are you a Fixer Upper fan?

It's a Farmhouse Frenzy: The Magnolia Story Review | Faithful Farmwife


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  1. Fruit trees, a wraparound porch, and shiplap aplenty? Yes, please! Farmhouse combines the classic country elements with a hint of fresh, clean, and modern appeal.

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