It doesn’t have to be so crazy, mama!

Kids LOVE a good routine and mamas LOVE to salvage a little sanity. A morning board meets both of those needs…Not to mention the knowledge and sense of independence that your kids can gain from this daily activity!

Giving those energy filled children a quiet activity in their morning routine can help to calm the first few waking hours of your day. That’s why I created this Homeschool Morning Board Printable Pack!

That’s why I created this Homeschool Morning Board Printable Pack!

The Morning Board Printable Pack

The Morning Board Printable Pack was created to give your kiddos quiet, educational, and interactive activities to do each morning!

Your kids can do these morning board activities on their own after you show them how it works, but try to make an effort to do it with them at least once a week. Learning is fun and easy using this method and I am sure that your kids will love it as well!

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With The Morning Board Pack your kids will:

Here is EXACTLY What You Will Find Inside The Morning Board Printable Pack:

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The Pledge of Allegiance

Your kids can memorize the United States Pledge of Allegiance as they read it together off of their morning board each morning.

Letter Recognition

This morning board pack include an alphabet recognition sheet with letters in both print and cursive.

Counting & Number Recognition 1-100

“Let’s Count Together” can help your kids with number recognition and counting from 1-100 in the correct order.

Calendar with Movable Dates + Months

Months of the year and Days of the week are printed separate so kids can change out the date each month… You can used sticky velcro to attach them to the morning board.

What’s the Weather?

Velcro, tape, or glue an envelope to your board to hold the weather cards. Put velcro on the back of each card so the kids can stick the correct card to the board each morning.

Name That Shape + Color

“Name the Shape” can help your children to recognize and learn their basic shapes and colors!

What Are People Saying About The Morning Board Printable Pack?

Morning Board FAQ

Not usually, but occasionally I will make simple custom orders. You can always feel free to message me with requests to see if it is something I can work in.

Currently, no… But I am working on some possible solutions for that 🙂

All you need to do is print out the sheets (card stock is best) and velcro or tape them onto a poster board! You can also glue the sheets, but I like to be able to move them around. You will need to cut out the numbers and months for the calendar and attach them as needed to the calendar sheet. Laminate all of the sheets for longer use.

Don’t let chaos take over your mornings any longer!

Who Am I to Talk About Mornings with Kids?

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I am a mama of 5 wild kiddos!

Morning with this bunch can get a little crazy (check that wild card in the back haha)… so it’s important for us to have a routine and activities in place.

When we don’t have set plans for our morning to keep the kids busy before I have had my first cup of coffee, then I lose my mind.

This morning board helped up (especially when we were homeschooling) and I hope it will help you in the same way!

A Little Recap…

The Morning Board Printable Pack is PERFECT for the mama who cherishes calm in her mornings, but doesn’t want to sit the kiddos in front of a television screen to get it.

The Morning Board Printable Pack Preview Images | Mama on the Homestead

With the purchase of The Morning Board Printable Pack you will receive:

It’s time to stop giving your mornings over to chaos and/or tv time!

Get The Morning Board Printable Pack today!

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