Do you need an easy-to-follow compost reference guide?

The Composting Made Easy E-Book will walk you through the basics of composting, teach you to make your own compost bins (large and small), introduce you to vermicomposting, and give you the information you need to make your own rich garden compost!

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  • What is Compost?
  • Benefits of Homemade Compost
  • Carbon Vs. Nitrogen
  • Optimal Compost Ratio
  • Compostable Items
  • Avoid Composting These
  • Common Compost Methods
  • Set Up Your Compost Bin
  • The Garden Compost Guide Cheat Sheet
  • Resources

Who Am I to Talk to You About Livestock Records?

Hey, there!

I’m Jess and I used to spend hundreds of dollars on compost for my garden each year.

Compost used to come onto my homestead from outside sources by the bag or by the truckload, but one season I finally decided that I had spent enough money on something that I could make for myself!

Now, I create my own compost with kitchen scraps, animal waste, and other natural materials and it costs me $0! My compost bin was even free!

Composting Made Easy will walk you through the basic steps of composting and give you ideas and resources to create your own composting system.