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DIY Pallet Compost Bin

How to build a simple compost bin with wooden pallets


  • 4 wooden pallets
  • Box of Screws
  • 2-4 hinges
  • Wire mesh


  • Take 3 old pallets and stand them up vertically standing together like a 3-sided box.
  • Use wood screws to connect them together at the corners leaving one side open.
  • The fourth pallet will serve as the door that will allow you to remove and turn the compost. 
    Connect this pallet by adding 2-4 hinges on one side.
  • Add a latch to the unattached side of the front pallet to make sure it doesn’t come open when you don’t want it to. 
  • Now you can use a staple gun to add wire mesh or hardware cloth to the inside of the bin. 
    This step is optional, but adding the wire mesh to the side walls will help to keep composting materials from falling through the cracks of the pallets.
    You can also staple hardware cloth to the outside of the pallets if you want to keep animals little paws from getting into your compost.
  • If you want your compost bin to be aesthetically pleasing, you can stain the outside of the pallets. 
    Be sure to ONLY stain the outside. If you stain the inside, the stain could potentially affect your kitchen compost.
    You could also turn the top of your pallet compost bin into a planter.