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DIY Bucket Compost Bin

How to Make a DIY Bucket Compost Bin


  • Drill holes in the lower half of the bucket and the lid to allow the moisture to drain and evaporate out.
  • Place several sticks in the bottom of the bucket to help ensure that the bottom drainage holes don't get clogged with your compost materials.
  • Dump your scraps, papers, grass, egg shells, or whatever materials that you have saved for composting into the bucket.
    **Make sure that you don't fill the bucket too full. Air needs to be able to move around the materials for them to properly decompose.
  • Press the lid on tightly and roll the bucket on the ground.
    Roll or shake the bucket again each time you add to your compost pile.
  • Use the small trash can or compost pail to collect scraps in your kitchen until you are ready to move them outside.
    You can place a trash can under your sink for scrap storage, but this will need to be emptied each day to avoid attracting bugs and growing mold.
    If you have a kitchen compost pail, you can keep it in the refrigerator. This method will keep the bugs and mold down so you can store up more before moving the scraps outside. I dump my kitchen compost pail once/week.