Ready to Dig Deeper Into Homestead Planning?

Enroll in Cultivating the Homestead of Your Dreams to do just that!

Through this course you will learn to:

  • Set and prioritize actionable goals
  • Choose a property that fits your needs
  • Manage your homestead finances
  • Choose the best livestock for your homestead
  • Plan a sustainable garden

This course expands on my free e-book “Starting a Homestead from Scratch” to help you move closer to the homestead that you so desperately dream of!

What’s Inside Cultivating the Homestead of Your Dreams?

Module 1: Intro

  • About this Course
  • Useful Resources
  • My Homestead Story

Module 2: Set Your Goals

  • Determine Your End-Goal
  • Do a Brain Dump
  • Create Yearly Term Plans
  • Add Details to Your Goals
  • Be Willing to Evolve
  • Free access to the mini-course

Module 3: Find the Right Land

  • Define the Purpose of the Property
  • Set Your Non-Negotiables
  • Research Funding Options
  • Search Properties
  • Contact Realtors

Module 4: Set Up Your Finances

  • Determine Start-Up Costs
  • Create a Debt-Payoff Plan
  • Create a Savings Account
  • Track Your Finances

Module 5: Choose Quality Livestock

  • Choose the Right Animals
  • Determine Expected Costs
  • Research Husbandry & Care
  • Keep Detailed Records
  • Set Up Infrastructure
  • Purchase Animals

Module 5: Plan a Sustainable Garden

  • Define the Garden’s Purpose
  • Choose a Gardening Method
  • Choose Seed Varieties
  • Research Diseases & Pests
  • Choose Pest & Weed Control Methods
  • Prepare the Ground
  • Plan & Keep Records